Simplot Sets 4Sight 2030 Goals

Boise, Idaho, United States: The JR Simplot Company has begun delivering a collection of global sustainability targets in four areas aimed at major reductions over a 10-year period.

The company’s global 4Sight 2030 goals are the latest effort in the global food and agriculture company’s on-going commitment to environmental stewardship while planting seeds for the future.

Simplot’s 4Sight 2030 goals will:

  • Reduce energy use 15% per ton of product
  • Reduce freshwater intake 15% per ton of product
  • Achieve zero waste to landfill in the company’s food processing plants, globally
  • Reduce carbon emissions 20% per ton of product through operational reductions and soil carbon sequestration, and invest in climate-smart innovations that will help farmers and ranchers adapt to climate change.

Garrett Lofto.

“Sustainability is woven into the JR Simplot Company’s Purpose and Core Values and we view it as a vital responsibility across our business groups and international operations,” said Garrett Lofto, President and CEO of Simplot, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“We believe that as a company, and in our communities, our future relies on finding new, sustainable ways to produce more with less and doing it in ways that will meet the environmental and social needs of today and for generations to come,” he added.

While Simplot employees have always focused on sustainability at their sites and in communities, this is the first time the company has cultivated common sustainability goals across its global organisation. The combined efforts will align those goals and the collective effort across the company can have a tremendously positive impact.

“For Simplot, embracing our shared sustainability platform is to live our values with integrity; to put the data and numbers behind the work we do every day to be more efficient and support our communities,” said Brandy Wilson, Simplot’s Global Sustainability Director.

“We want to create a better world tomorrow while driving toward smarter practices in the work we do today. These goals will help us contribute to feeding our world more sustainably.”

This work is not only aligned with Simplot’s core values and helping to build a more efficient, resilient business model, it’s important to the company’s customers and the communities where it operates.

“The work we do in these sustainability goals builds trust and creates the opportunity for partnership throughout our value chain,” Wilson said. “These targets let our customers know that we are laser-focused on making agriculture better at every step along the way, from mine to plate.”

*Learn more about the 4Sight 2030 goals in the company launch video here.

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