Certificate in Greenkeeping

The Certificate In Greenkeeping (CIG)

The Certificate in Greenkeeping was launched in 2018 after several years of discussion and development. The purpose was of CIG to create viable consistent education for professionals looking for a career in turf management. After a review, the AGIF selected the New Zealand Sports Turf Institute as their education partner in the development and implementation of the Certificate in Greenkeeping CIG. The R&A recognized the positive sustainable impact of this programme has is a founding supporter of the CIG. AGIF members Jacobsen, Jebsen & Jessen, John Deere, Syngenta and Toro are Education partners in the programme.

The CIG was launched in Malaysia and Thailand and so far has brough in 50 attendees from 32 clubs from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, India and China. 2020 will bring in another 40 new attendees with programmes running throughout the year.

Certificate in Greenkeeping - AGIF
Certificate in Greenkeeping - AGIF

Programme Overview

Purpose: To produce skilled greenkeepers for golf courses throughout Asia with common standards which are recognized across Asia.

Focus: Core skills and knowledge required to operate safely and efficiently as a greenkeeper on a golf course, and in a way that protects the turf, prevents damage to the reputation of the course and improves productivity

Learner profile: Aimed at people working in or aspiring to, leading hand or second in charge positions, Minimum of 2 years turfgrass experience and a current employee of a club

Workplace Mentor Profile: Ideally the line manager of the candidate(s) attending the CIG program. Minimum of 5 years turfgrass management experience. Must be able to assist the program advisors & trainers implement workplace learning for the candidate(s) attending the CIG program

Course Material for Certificate in GreenkeepingCIG

Delivery of the programme

Introductory Learner Course

One five-day course at the commencement of the program which will introduce the main aspects of:

Module 1: Supervise Greenkeeping Staff

Module 2: Golf Course Ecology and Turf Science

Workplace Mentor Course

one two-day course held on day 4 and 5 along side the Introductory Learner Course program


Progression Course

One five-day course, 4-6 months into the program which will introduce the main aspects of:

Module 3: Sports Turf  Surface  Management

Module 4: Sports Turf Rootzone and Soil Water Management

Module 5: Pest, Weed, Disease and Disorder Identification and Control

Confirmatory Course

One three-day course at the completion of the program  (12months after commencement) which involves practical assessment and completion of the final Review

Programme Delivery

Face-to-face course

  • Course taught by experienced agronomist and expert tutor

  • Instantaneous translation (where needed)

  • Taught at a golf course in host country

Workplace Learning

  • Learning through guided workplace tasks and portal

  • Teaching and support resources for mentors and learners

  • Workplace mentor and NZSTI support network


  • Practical tasks, photos, work diaries, verified by mentor

  • Direct observation, examination, oral questioning, by tutor

For more information, please contact Membership at [email protected]