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Environmental and financial factors are vital in the sustainability of the turf and club management industries in the Asia Pacific region. In the golf industry, there has been a degree of over building in many countries which did not take into account both environmental and fiscal sustainability. In the private / social / government club sector, the same over-build has taken place in certain markets. Both in the golf and club sectors, attracting new members/facility users to replace their traditional patrons is the biggest challenge to their fiscal sustainability.
Both golf and club sectors are also challenged to engage in more environmental practices by the younger patrons which they hope to attract and the governments who regulate them. Turf specific environmental practices are common to both golf and sports turf and are of a high profile in public perception. Professional development in both club and turf management play a huge part in executing sustainable practices as line managers must have the credibility and power within their organisation to press through with sustainable plans.

Financial Sustainability​

Growing the Game

  • Attracting new golfers

  • Youth development

  • Female participation

  • Expanding access

Grow The Game

Financial Sustainability​

Growing the Industry

  • Certification in Greenkeeping

  • Club Management Certification

  • Certificate in Groundskeeping

  • Attracting new employees

  • * Caddie to Clubhouse Manager Education

  • * PGA Player to Industry Professional Education

  • * Women in the Workplace

Environmental Sustainability​

  • Environmental Certification

  • Turfgrass agro-chemical application

  • Water management

  • Course design

  • Plastics utilisation

  • Waste management

  • Recycling programmes

Environmental Sustainibility

About AGIF

AGIF is a not for profit industry federation with members and partners involved in all facets of the golf industry throughout Asia to assist them to take the next step in development toward a sustainable industry.


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