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The AGIF was formed in 2010 as a not-for-profit industry federation with members and partners involved in all facets of the industry throughout Asia. The Federation seeks to assist the golf industry in Asia to take the next step in development toward a sustainable industry.

While the North American and European industry/facilities are in the 2nd to 3rd generation of existence, many facilities in Asia are still being build or just now transitioning to their second generation after a construction boom 20-30 years ago. As a result, the AGIF focuses on the core message that golf facilities, like any maturing business, need to be run and managed by qualified and experienced staff with commonality in education and certification.

And in the diverse multinational and multicultural area of Asia, the AGIF functions as a unifying federation partnering with various national industrial bodies to deliver common as well as country-specific best industrial practices with the support of our members and industry partners. As a result:

  • We have launched the Certificate in Greenkeeping in partnership with The R&A which have trained 50 Greenskeepers in from 32 clubs from Malaysia, Singapore, India, China and Thailand so far.

  • We are also the affiliate partner for the Club Management Association of America (CMAA) in Asia running the Certified Club Manager education with more than 40 Managers from 7 different countries involved in the Pathway to the CCM.

  • We also run 1-2 day Greenkeeping and Club Management education sessions in many Asia countries which link overall facility management, environmental and economic sustainability, research and growing the game initiatives.

The events provide those involved in the golf industry with education, networking as well as ongoing credits for many attendees be they members of the international PGA’s, Superintendent/Greenkeeping, and Club Management organizations.

We have also been asked by the industry to expand our education into Sports Fields and Parkland Turf Management with a focus on Groundskeeping as we are moving in that direction in bringing in Groundskeepers to our education and developing specific education to that market.

Within these three pillars, Club Management, Greenkeeping, and Groundskeeping we engage not only the line managers employed in these disciplines but also owners, committees, and governments who benefit from the professional and sustainable activities that the AGIF promotes and delivers.

AGIF Objectives

  • To effectively communicate with all members and all parties associated with the turf and club industry to deliver the Federation’s objectives.

  • To provide educational programs (special events, seminars, and workshops) and materials to meet the diverse educational needs of the Federation’s membership base and external stakeholders.

  • To conduct research that benefits the turf and club industry as a whole in Asia.

  • To act as a clearing house for information and market intelligence through newsletters and the Federation’s website.

  • To provide access to the Federation’s networking platform for decision-makers in the Asian golf industry.

  • To address key issues relevant to the turf and club industry such as the protection of intellectual property, environmental sustainability, and growth of the game.

About AGIF

AGIF is a not for profit industry federation with members and partners involved in all facets of the golf industry throughout Asia to assist them to take the next step in development toward a sustainable industry.


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