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The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, Hong Kong

The Asian Golf Industry Federation (the “AGIF”) is a not for profit organisation committed to help to develop the growth of golf in Asia.

As a regional grouping of industry stakeholders, the AGIF practises high business ethics within the organisation and in all its dealings with its Members and the golf industry. The AGIF does not engage in or condone any forms of unfair business practices.

Pursuant to clause 4 of the AGIF’s Constitution –

Members shall abide by all regulatory rules and laws applicable in the countries in which they operate and shall not engage in immoral, unethical or illegal activities (including without limitation, supporting vendors and trade shows who are engaged in such activities and counterfeiting, off label or unregistered use).

By becoming a member of the AGIF, each Member commits to practise good business ethics and not engage in any unfair, deceptive or misleading trade practices, especially of taking any action that restricts or tends to restrict competition in the golf industry.

As an AGIF Member, each Member commits to maintain the highest standards of business conduct and observe all regulatory rules and laws applicable in countries in which they operate.

Any Member found engaging in any illegal or anticompetitive activities or any activities which might reflect negatively on the international image of the AGIF may be admonished, suspended or expelled from the AGIF.

Dated – 29 May 2012

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AGIF is a not for profit industry federation with members and partners involved in all facets of the golf industry throughout Asia to assist them to take the next step in development toward a sustainable industry.


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