SISIS Veemo MK 2’s Cutting Edge

Kirk Langley, Derbyshire, England: The SISIS Veemo MK 2 is a tractor-mounted scarifier used for removing thatch from large areas of turf, such as golf course fairways.

Heavy scarifying is generally carried out in spring and autumn, but light scarifying and verti-cutting can be done at any time, while avoiding periods of drought or frost; and is important to encourage germination, whilst also removing thatch.

The Veemo’s strong cutting blades are designed for minimum surface disturbance and maximum thatch removal via three floating heads which are independent from the main frame.

The heads each move in all degrees of motion and follow any undulations of the ground on a fairway without any danger of damaging/scalping the turf, whilst the tungsten tipped hook blades with variable spacing cut effectively through the thatch layer.

“Unrivalled on undulating ground, with fast ground coverage saving time and money, the Veemo has a simple depth control without the use of any tools by means of a micro-adjuster on each unit, giving flexibility for scarifying and verti-cutting,” said a spokesperson for SISIS is a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“Regular use of this machine will not only reduce thatch levels, which will improve the quality of cut at lower heights, but also promote a more consistent and even surface which will assist the passage of water to the root zone whilst minimising turf disease,” added the spokesperson.

The Veemo is available with 2 mm tungsten tipped ‘hook’ blades or 1 mm tungsten tipped ‘hook’ blades.

To view the Veemo in action, please click the link:

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