Bayer Launch Brings Benefits for Irish Greenkeepers

Dublin, Ireland: Bayer’s latest new fungicide, to be launched in Ireland, introduces a radical preventative approach to disease management, offering a new active ingredient and new chemical group to the turf industry.

Greg Collins, Bayer National Account Manager for Ireland, said Signature Xtra Stressgard is Bayer’s most advanced turf formulation to date and has been scientifically proven to maintain overall plant health, providing consistency of playing surfaces and increasing golfer satisfaction.

“This new active ingredient fosetyl-Al combined with Stressgard Formulation Technology has been engineered to optimise the product’s performance and to tackle two of the most prevalent golf course diseases, Microdochium Patch and Anthracnose,” he said.

Signature Xtra Stressgard is the first true systemic fungicide to offer shoot to root protection.

Collins added: “This fully systemic solution allows the fungicide to move up the plant’s xylem, and also down into the phloem. The unique properties of Signature Xtra means the whole plant is protected, as redistribution occurs up and down the plant as it grows. This means plants are healthier and better equipped to combat disease and mitigate stress.

“What’s more, with over 20 years’ research behind it, Stressgard not only tackles disease, it also helps manage the stresses caused by abiotic and biotic activity by maximising the health of the grass plant.

“Combining the active ingredient with Stressgard, Signature Xtra improves plant physiology by increasing plant cell strength and root mass, it also enhances plant production rates by increasing chlorophyll which boosts photosynthesis.”

Every greenkeeper strives for a more consistent playing surface – even in unpredictable conditions. Drought, traffic tolerance and recovery, as well as issues caused by shade are key challenges that has been addressed with this new formulation by Bayer, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

Greg Collins.

Collins said: “The proven proprietary Stressgard pigment delivers immediate aesthetic improvement and consistent, natural colour across treated areas of your golf course. In the longer term, once the initial pigment effects wear off, the enhanced ​chlorophyll content continues to provide longer lasting green up. This means a greener, healthier golf course that’s able to withstand the unpredictable tests of the Irish climate.

“Our primary objective is to provide solutions that deliver satisfaction – for turf managers and golfers. Course conditions are the most important driver of satisfaction and this latest product undoubtedly improves turf quality and playability.”

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