Campey Turf Care Systems’ Koro FTM Proves its Worth

London, England: Sportsfields Ltd has added a new Koro FIELDTOPMAKER (Koro FTM) with Terraplane Rotor to its fleet as it continues to adopt the industry’s most innovative technology.
Since 1991, Sportsfields has evolved from its beginnings in agriculture and landscaping to become a leading specialist in sports pitch construction and maintenance. To do this, company founder, Geoff Collins, has continually embraced the latest technology to enable his highly-trained workforce to deliver the exacting standards required in today’s market.
To match the needs of the company’s client list of professional and amateur clubs, schools, colleges, local authorities and specifying architects, Collins once again turned to Campey Turf Care Systems and the new Koro FTM.
“We have had Koros before and have added the new Koro FTM to the fleet with its Terraplane Rotor,” he said. “It’s a fantastic machine and makes an exceptionally clean job of ‘planing’ the surface. It’s particularly requested by groundsmen wanting to remove poa as part of their end-of-season renovations.
“The new Koro is faster and appears to cope with even more difficult conditions with ease and that is down to the development of the machine.
“Equipment has become more technical and job specific to achieve the tolerances demanded by the local authorities and private architects and groundsman from amateur and professional club levels. We work at all levels to all budgets and find the knowledge and demand for high standards is there from the Premier League down to primary schools questioning why they can’t play on the field because it’s flooded again.”
Using the Terraplane Rotor is the most efficient way to subtract poa from the surface with the carbide tipped blades ensuring all organic build-up is removed, leaving a clean and level surface. The advancement in technology that Collins always strives to meet is clearly evident when it comes to the enhanced Koro FTM.
The new angled cross conveyor has been introduced to move material evenly with perfect belt tracking with front and rear roller blades contributing to the cleanest pass available on the market.
The weight and balance have been analysed resulting in a lighter, steadier machine with the redistribution of weight using a removable 100 kilograms, meaning a much smaller tractor can be used to run the Koro FTM. This is because the centre of gravity has been shifted towards the tractor making it easier to lift. Even when the weight is removed the machine still has improved balance against previous models.
Campey Turf Care Systems is a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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