TPC Kuala Lumpur Takes Lead in Promoting Environmental Awareness

TPC Kuala Lumpur. Picture by Jacob Sjöman

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: TPC Kuala Lumpur’s commitment to the environment will be underscored when the award-winning venue conducts a three-day Environment Day programme.
Steven Thielke, TPC Kuala Lumpur’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “TPC Kuala Lumpur has always been a great supporter of environment-friendly programmes, including our on-going plastic-free and energy-saving campaigns.
“We have a commitment towards the environment and value the opportunity to enhance our natural areas and wildlife habitat on golf courses, improving efficiency, and minimising potentially harmful impact on the environment.”
The public are invited for the Walk on the Course next Tuesday (March 20) at 5 pm and the Earth Hour campaign on March 24 at 8.30 pm at the Golfer’s Terrace.
Mohd Nizam Othman, TPC Kuala Lumpur’s Head of Agronomy, will share interesting facts of nature and wildlife with participants.
Mohd Nizam Othman

“We are very happy to educate golfers and the public about the nature of the game. Some of the topics include providing the needed wildlife sanctuaries, supporting plants and wildlife native to the area, chemical reduction usage on the golf course and the benefits of wood chipping,” said Nizam.
Within TPC Kuala Lumpur, there are a total of 54 bird species including Little Grebe, White-Throated Kingfisher, Common Iora, Black Napped Oriole, Yellow Vented Bulbul, Zebra Dove, Crested Goshhawk and many more at various locations.
The Earth Hour at the Golfer’s Terrace is intended to show the club’s support for global warming awareness. TPC Kuala Lumpur will switch off most lights for an hour as a part of its contribution to the environment.
Native eco-system resilience has drawn interest among nature-loving Malaysians and much is being done to preserve native species in the face of the need for economic development.
As such, various initiatives and policies have been formed in past years. One of these is the National Policy on Bio-diversity 2016‑2025. Furthermore, under the United Nations through the International Union for the Conservation of Nature or IUCN, a global list of plants and animals was created to provide focus on species which need attention to avoid further extinctions.
The IUCN Red List for Trees includes several hundred trees that are native to Southeast Asia (including Malaysia), many of which are rainforest trees. These are classified into nine groups; Extinct, Extinct in the Wild, Critically Endangered, Endangered, Vulnerable, Near Threatened, Least Concern and Data Deficient. Tree conservation also supports the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.
On Monday (March 19), TPC Kuala Lumpur will focus on planting IUCN Red List Tree as a part of its landscape. A total of 15 Hopea Odorata plants will be planted. This native plant species falls under the IUCN Red List which is facing the risk of extinction.
Thus, the planting of this species will contribute in saving the tree species plus enrich the nature and wildlife at TPC Kuala Lumpur, a Golf Course Facility Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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