Take Your Long Game Further with Titleist 816H Hybrids

Titleist-816-H1-H2-Hybrids_960_t780 LOWSingapore: Technically advanced hybrids with Tour-validated performance, new Titleist 816H hybrids provide golfers with the superior technology and fitting precision for improved long game shot-making.
Engineered using the best hybrid technology in the game, the new Titleist 816H1 and 816H2 models utilise Active Recoil Channel and Ultra Thin Face technology to generate high speed and low spin for long distance.
A high MOI design increases speed across the face for more forgiveness on off-centre hits, while the optimised centre of gravity increases launch and trajectory for more shot-stopping control.
Trusted by Tour pros around the world, 816 hybrids offer a high performance choice over long irons by providing more speed, higher launch and a steeper landing angle to help players hold the green and stop the ball closer to the pin.
Chris McGinley, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing, said: “Golfers have long thought of hybrids as ‘rescue clubs’ and not ‘scoring clubs’, but we intend to change that perception. More golfers than ever are replacing long irons with hybrids and carrying multiple hybrids in their bags because of their performance benefits.
“Our new 816H models are technically advanced scoring clubs that have better shot stopping ability and can improve yardage gaps at the long end of the set.
“Instead of thinking about getting out of trouble or just getting the ball close to the green, golfers can now think about hitting the green and stopping the ball closer to the pin more often.
2015-US-816H-Gallery-01“Our best club fitters on Tour and in the market look at hybrids as a direct extension of the iron set, and fit golfers for hybrids and irons at the same time. For this reason, we’ve made the decision to put Titleist hybrids and irons on the same launch cycle.”
Available in golf shops worldwide from October 23, 816H hybrids provide the most precise fit Titleist has ever offered with two models, loft choices every 2º and a new 1º SureFit Tour hosel for independent adjustment of loft and lie.
Dan Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club R&D, said: “The Active Recoil Channel has revolutionised distance for us across our entire metals line and really pushes us ahead of the pack in the hybrid category.
“But distance is still only one part of the equation. Golfers, now more than ever, are relying on their hybrids to hit precise golf shots and help them create more scoring opportunities. Our R&D philosophy of ‘distance and forgiveness’ ensures that we take the entire shot into consideration, not only how far it goes.
“816H provides golfers with complete, consistent performance – the distance to consistently reach the green, the trajectory to stop the ball on the green closer to the hole, and the forgiveness that delivers similar results even when the strike is off centre. We haven’t made any sacrifices.”
Stephanie Luttrell, Director, Titleist Metalwood Development, said: “For most golfers, long irons become more difficult to hit and produce shorter distances than desired. 816 hybrids extend those distances and really allow us to bridge that gap between the longest iron and the fairway wood.
“Following extensive research and player testing, it’s our recommendation that the majority of players use 4-degree loft gaps to create appropriate distance gaps. That’s why we offer 2-degree loft increments, which gives us three pairs of hybrids (19º and 23º, 21º and 25º and 23º and 27º) spaced in 4-degree increments. And for the player who truly loves hybrids and prefers them over fairways woods, there is the option to carry three hybrids (19º, 23º and 27º).
“In the past, golfers looking to replace a long iron only had one hybrid loft option. With 816, the number of choices has grown significantly. For example, when replacing a 4 iron with an 816 hybrid, golfers can test both the 23º and 25º models, providing two different lofts at different lengths.
“Using the SureFit Tour hosel, both lofts can also be adjusted to 24º, providing the same loft option at different lengths. In addition, using interchangeable shafts and weights, the longer length shaft in the 23º can be tested in the 25º, while the shorter length shaft in the 25º can be tested in the 23º. A skilled fitter will employ all of these options to quickly dial in a golfer’s set-up.”
816H hybrids offers two distinct shapes and sizes with performance benefits relative to a golfer’s swing.
816H1 has a large, confidence-inspiring profile with a slight face progression for golfers that need enhanced launch and prefer a fairway metal look. The larger H1 head size effectively parts grass through impact, providing outstanding performance from the rough.
2015-US-816H-Gallery-03816H2 has a smaller, pear profile for launch and trajectory control with a slight offset for more aggressive players that engage the turf. H2 produces 150-300rpm less spin for a flatter flight.
“H1 is our all-around hybrid. It has more face progression and behaves like a small fairway metal,” Luttrell said. “We recommend H1 for the player who’s more of a sweeper and a little bit shallower in terms of their turf interaction. And also the player with a more moderate club speed, because H1 does generate more spin than the H2 which will keep the ball in the air longer for more distance.
“H2 is more of our iron-type hybrid. It has less face progression which visually looks like a slight offset and leads to players attacking it with a more descending iron-type blow. We’ve also made the head slightly larger than the 915Hd by lengthening the face, which provides more confidence in the address position.”
Titleist is part of the Acushnet company, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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