Toro Continues Support for Golf Course Architects

SAGCA President Ted Parslow [left] with Toro's Richard Walne.
SAGCA President Ted Parslow [left] with Toro’s Richard Walne.
Victoria, Australia: Asian Golf Industry Federation Executive Member Toro has extended its support for the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects (SAGCA).
Specifically, Toro’s sponsorship supports the SAGCA with the production of its annual Journal, ‘Golf Architecture’.  Toro has been a major sponsor of this publication since 2002.
Richard Walne, Toro’s Managing Director, Australia and Asia Pacific, confirmed the continued links during the SAGCA’s 25th anniversary celebrations at the National Turf Conference held in the Hunter Valley
Ted Parslow, President SAGCA, said: “The Society of Australian Golf Course Architects and our membership genuinely appreciate the long-term support Toro has given to the SAGCA over the years.
“Toro is a great contributor to the golf industry across the entire Asia Pacific region where our members are most active. SAGCA remains very proud that the association with Toro has allowed our annual Golf Architecture magazine to expand and flourish.
“Our world renowned and sought-after publication has its origins back in 1997 when the Society published its inaugural Journal of the Society of Australian Golf Course Architects.
“With contributions from our own members, international architects, industry people and related experts, the magazine covers all things related to golf course architecture, history, new courses, design elements, construction and our own members work.
“The magazine has evolved over the years and is now considered by many to be one of the world’s leading golf course architecture publications of this type.”

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