Maredo Unveils GT 250 CountRo Sweeper

1514 gt250 anderstein maarsbergen 8 LOWAmsterdam, The Netherlands: Asian Golf Industry Federation Associate Member Maredo BV has unveiled the GT 250 CountRo Sweeper, a unique counter rotating sweeper that fits the triplex greensmower.
Equipped with a gearbox that reduces and reverses the rotation speed, it works very efficiently because it counter rotates. Furthermore, because it runs at a lower speed, there is less damage (burning) to the grass.
Maredo is the only company that has developed such a counter rotating brush for the triplex greensmower.
Marinus Reincke, Chief Executive Officer at Maredo, said: “The GT 250 can be used for different jobs. You can collect items like cores (from the Maredo GT 230 or from other aerators), redundant sand, tree needles, worm piles etc.
“But the GT 250 is also often used to brush up dense turf. It works like a groomer, but not in rows but over the full width. Because it counter rotates at a slower speed, the turf is pulled up nicely.”
The GT 250 can also be used to remove dew. Reincke said: “As the brushes counter rotate, the dew water is removed from the grass plant and smashed forwards. More or less all the dew water is brushed off the green. This makes the turf healthier and less vulnerable for diseases.
“The GT 250 CountRo Sweeper can also be used to brush topdress sand into the holes. The collecting box is replaced for a sand guiding plate.
“The sand is brushed up by the brushes and moved forward. The sand guiding plate blows the sand flow into the holes or top canopy of the turf.
“Since the sweeper works so efficiently, there is hardly any sand left, which saves the reels next day when they cut the grass again.
“The depth is set by the rear roller. It comes standard with its own stainless steel collecting box. It fits Toro,  Jacobsen and John Deere triplex greensmowers.”

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