LIV Golf’s Major Men Winning New Admirers

Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau won new admirers during their appearance at Sentosa Golf Club. Picture by Hailey Garrett/LIV Golf.

Singapore: Major champions Brooks Koepka, Cam Smith, Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau will continue to be outstanding ambassadors for LIV Golf, Sentosa Golf Club and the Singapore leg of the league season in the future.

Reflecting on the success of the second edition of LIV Golf Singapore, Andy Johnston, Sentosa’s General Manager and Director of Agronomy, said: “It was an honour to see some of the greatest golfers of our era walking the fairways of The Serapong.

“It was even more gratifying to see and hear their positive comments about the challenges The Serapong presented and what great tournament condition the course was in.

“Seeing the battle on the last day between Brooks, Cam and others was thrilling, to say the least.

“We were excited to see Ripper GC and Brooks take LIV Golf Singapore honours this year and feel they will be great ambassadors for LIV Golf and the Singapore leg of the league season in the future.”

Meanwhile, the willingness of many of the players to engage with young spectators was evident, with Mickelson and DeChambeau near the top of the popularity leaderboard.

Their interactions with the fans, signing autographs and posing for selfies, won them a host of new admirers.

During a joint press conference, the American duo spoke of the importance of inspiring all spectators, and especially impressionable youngsters.

Mickelson said: “Being able to come here and bring professional golf at the highest level to different parts of Asia – it’s a huge part of the growth of the game.

“I grew up being able to go out and watch the PGA Tour players in my backyard in San Diego. It was something to be able to see the best players play and be inspired. To try to get out there is a very big part of dreaming when you’re a kid.

“Bringing this level of play to these parts of Asia and seeing the young kids and their eyes, the way they look at you and how much they love golf and how much they want to get out here, that’s a big part in the long-term success of the game.

“There’s a cool vibe that kind of transcends the older generation like myself into the younger generation in trying to get them to see the great aspects that the game of golf provides and has given so many of us. (We want) to get them involved, and hopefully they’ll experience some of the great things from the game.”

DeChambeau, who finished runner-up in last week’s PGA  Championship at Valhalla Golf Club, expressed similar enthusiasm.

Bryson DeChambeau fans at Sentosa Golf Club. Picture by Doug DeFelice/LIV Golf.

“It’s awesome to inspire younger generations in this part of the globe. I think we’re too lucky being from the States, seeing professional golf at a super high level at a young age. It’s different over here.

“Being able to provide that opportunity and see, like Phil said, those kids’ eyes light up when we give them a golf ball or sign a hat for them or whatever it is, it’s inspiring – not only hopefully to them but to us.

“It reignites us a bit, too, and allows us to feel like we’re doing something really cool that’s not really been done the way we think it should be in professional golf, like LIV is currently doing.

“It’s certainly exciting for me to see the eyes light up in people, and it doesn’t even have to be a junior. It’s also adults that are just in love with the game and they see us and they’re so appreciative of us being here. We’re excited to provide that more and more as years keep coming.”

*Sentosa Golf Club is a Facility Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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