First Female Certified Turf Equipment Manager

Kayla Kipp.

Farmington, Pennsylvania, United States: Kayla Kipp, Equipment Manager in the Turfgrass Management Department at Nemacolin’s Mystic Rock and Shepherd’s Rock golf courses, has achieved her certification as a Certified Turf Equipment Manager through the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA).

Kipp is one of 15 in the world to hold this certification in the industry and is, notably, the first woman to do so.

Over the last seven years, Kipp has volunteered her time with the GCSAA on the Equipment Managers Task Group and was instrumental in helping to develop the intense certification programme bestowed upon turf equipment management professionals who have demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and proficiency in their profession.

“To earn her certification, Kayla was required to have three years of experience as an equipment manager and to have completed the Equipment Management Certificate Programme (EMCP) Level 1 and 2 to begin the Certified Turf Equipment Manager programme (CTEM),” GCSAA CEO Rhett Evans said.

“To then earn her certification, she passed all 197 attesting criteria focused on best practices of maintenance facility operations, safety, and the environment. She is the first woman to become a CTEM, and we congratulate her on this historic achievement,” added Evans.

Of Kipp’s accomplishment, Nemacolin President Maggie Hardy Knox said: “This is monumental, and we are proud to have her motivation, determination, and spirit on the associate team at Nemacolin. She’s a shining example to all that nothing is impossible, and she is an encouragement to other women who are determined to achieve success in any business or industry.”

Prior to joining the Nemacolin staff, Kipp served as Equipment Manager at the Lodestone and Fantasy Valley golf courses at Wisp Resort in Maryland, and spent six years in the United States Air Force as a material handling and equipment maintenance journeyman.

Chris Anderson, who serves as Director of Turfgrass at Nemacolin and as Kipp’s supervisor, said: “Since Kayla joined our team, she has devoted her time and talent to bring new life to our maintenance facility and programme. She has fast-tracked her way to CTEM and brought our playing surfaces to the next level by working with the team.”

Reflecting on her accomplishment, Kipp said: “Rhett Evans is always the first to remind us to ‘lead out’, be the first to cut tracks for the next individual, and to put the work in to benefit the future.

“As I am now the first woman to attain the title of CTEM, and as I’ve participated in three Women in Turf events while serving on the inaugural Women’s Task Group, I feel as though I have absolutely cleared a path for others to succeed in this industry. I’m ready for what’s next.”

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