Golf Saudi Joins European Disabled Golf Association

Majed Al Sorour (left) with Amer Al Rumaih (centre) and Mark Taylor.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Golf Saudi has joined the European Disabled Golf Association (EDGA) with full member status. 

As an organisation, EDGA is considered globally to be the foremost experts on golf for persons of disability and will look to work with Golf Saudi to promote golf for all Saudi players with disabilities, regardless of their ability.  

In the build-up to the announcement at the PIF Saudi International powered by SoftBank Investment Advisers, a joint programme was developed which promotes golf to Saudi citizens with varying disabilities, with the intention of making the game fully inclusive in the Kingdom.  

“It is my pleasure to confirm that Golf Saudi has become a member of EDGA, furthering our commitment to make golf accessible to all,” said Majed Al Sorour,  the CEO and Deputy Chairman of Golf Saudi, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation. 

“As an organisation, EDGA is considered globally to be the foremost expert on golf for people with disabilities and we will therefore look to work with them to promote golf for all in Saudi.

“I am delighted that we’ve been able to welcome here in KAEC, Mark Taylor, EDGA’s Head of Development, who has over the past week been training our Golf Saudi coaches to deliver tailored training sessions,” added Al Sorour. 

A two-day training programme was initially held in Riyadh with Golf Saudi’s Mass Participation coaches and other volunteers working in the Saudi disability space. Another two days of training were held for other PGA qualified coaches, who are already based in the Kingdom.  

Commenting on the progress made by the Golf Saudi coaches under his tutelage and the tournament clinics held during the PIF Saudi International, Taylor said: “My thanks to Golf Saudi for not only undertaking this training and hosting these clinics but for also signing up as an official member of EDGA. This bold move demonstrates their courage to follow through on their vision, in terms of making golf an inclusive sport throughout the Kingdom.  

“Thanks also go to the participants who took the time to join us, as well as the team at the Asian Tour, without whom this clinic would not be possible.” 

As one of the three pillars of the National Sustainability Strategy, the Social Agenda is focused on the creation of education, employment and leisure opportunities for all Saudis from all age groups. Golf Saudi’s membership of EDGA will, therefore, sit at the heart of this, by creating an access programme for disabled people to attend their nearest golf courses, regardless of where they’re from within the Kingdom.

Amer Al Rumaih, a Saudi war veteran, attended last week’s tournament as well as the EDGA clinics. By signing-up to the Social Agenda in early 2021, Al Rumaih was the first beneficiary of the Golf Saudi access programme. In the past 12 months, Al Rumaih has been provided with complimentary lessons and equipment to aid his development within the game and as a result has inspired others to follow his lead.  

Steven Troup, Director of Instruction and Education at Golf Saudi, said: “At Golf Saudi we are firm believers in diversity and inclusion being the basis for not only our organisation’s success but the country’s too.

“Therefore, we are proud to have not only developed a comprehensive Social Agenda for Saudi citizens but to have also worked so closely with EDGA to develop an access programme that offers the same golfing opportunities for disabled citizens, too.” 

Over the next 12 to 18 months, Golf Saudi will continue to work closely with EDGA, as well as golf clubs across the Kingdom, to ensure the new access programme is available to all.

With expertise from EDGA, assistance from Saudi golf clubs and dedicated resource from Golf Saudi this new programme will provide opportunities for everyone that wants to try the sport of golf.  

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