Positive Effect of Indigrow’s Solar Pro-Active OneShot

Brimpton, Berkshire, England: Whether seeding or over-seeding, it’s important to maximise the number of seeds which germinate.

Once germinated, it’s critical to improve seedling establishment by increasing the tiller numbers and ground cover of the newly-sewn seeds. This should be done as quickly as possible to avoid any potential damage from foot traffic or pests and diseases.

Indigrow’s Solar Pro-Active OneShot is a concentrated foliar bio-stimulant, high in phosphite, designed to help greenkeepers and groundsmen overcome issues with seed establishment during the seeding or over-seeding process.

Effect of Solar Pro-Active OneShot treatment on root width. Solar Pro-Active OneShot significantly increases root width at all concentrations tested.

“In trials, it was found that Solar Pro Active OneShot, when used at very low rates, has significant bio-stimulant activity on seedings primarily by increasing the length and width of individual root, increasing root hair development leading to an increase in total root bio-mass,” said Brian Croose, Asean Regional Manager for Indigrow, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

Solar Pro-Active OneShot was also shown to have a positive effect on root network area, length, perimeter and volume, reflecting the contribution of the root hairs based on the network size.

Effect of Solar Pro-Active OneShot treatment on root network volume. Solar Pro-Active OneShot significantly increased root network volume at all concentrations tested.

By increasing the efficiency of the root system the plant is able to channel this energy into supporting higher tiller numbers, which eventually leads to increased ground cover.

Increase in Spring tiller numbers after recommended applications of Solar Pro-Active OneShot.
Increase in Spring ground cover after recommended applications of Solar Pro-Active OneShot.

Immediately there is a target leaf, two to four sachets per hectare should be applied. Early application is important as maximum bio-stimulant activity occurs early in the seedling development.

Three applications should be made at monthly intervals for optimum effect.

Croose said: “As well as affecting seedling establishment, Solar Pro-Active OneShot will also help to dramatically reduce plant stress during the summer months.

“As a foliar feed, it is rapidly absorbed by the leaf and trans-located to all parts of the plant, stimulating natural plant auxin production. It is fully systemic, and is available in our fast acting, stable, tank mixable formulation.”

For further information on Indigrow’s Solar Pro-Active OneShot, visit the company’s product page here.

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