Landmark Study for Golf and CBD Industries

London, England: Darren Clarke CBD, one of the United Kingdom’s leading golf CBD oil brands, has partnered with golf performance tracker Shot Scope and independent research business Sports Marketing Surveys to produce a ground-breaking study on the effects of CBD oil for golfers. 

The world-first study, which focuses on the effect of using CBD oil on both the physical and mental aspects of golf, is designed to provide consumers with credible, independent insights into CBD oil and how it affects both mind and body.

Darren Clarke CBD has provided premium, third-party regulated and 0%THC approved CBD oil to the 100 participants, in order to complete the survey with the highest quality product.

Sports Marketing Surveys is completing the qualitative survey-based section of the study, and Shot Scope will be carrying out data analysis via their industry-leading golf performance tracking technology.

Initial findings from the study confirm that CBD oil provides positive effects on both golf performance and recovery, with eight in 10 participants reporting positive effects during the control period.

“It has been incredibly interesting and rewarding to be involved in such a landmark study for both the golf and CBD industries,” said Richard Payne, Director at Sports Marketing Surveys, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“It can be difficult to cut through the noise surrounding CBD, so to be able to provide consumers with credible, accurate information on the product and how it can affect their golf for the better is very rewarding.

“Initial results all but prove the high performance levels of CBD, and especially the Darren Clarke CBD product. We are excited to see what the final findings of the survey are and are looking forward to the discussion that this study will inevitably stimulate,” added Payne.

Key takeaways from the on-going study, which tests participants across a variety of demographics, include:

  • 82% of participants reported that existing injuries they had were improved or positively affected during the first half of the survey.
  • 77% of participants reported that their sleep quality, calmness on the course or their recovery between rounds had improved since beginning their use of CBD oil.
  • 75% of participants who struggled with injuries reported that they had fewer injury problems.
  • 79% of participants reported a positive impact on at least one element of their on-course performance and off-course recovery.

The next step for the study is a final survey of participants, along with analysis of quantitative golf performance data by Shot Scope, who have been tracking each participant’s on course performance throughout the duration of the survey period.

CBD – short for cannabidiol – is a compound derived from the hemp plant. CBD oil is legal and contains very little of the ‘psycho-active’ compound THC.

According to reports, the World Health Organisation has found CBD to be generally well tolerated, with a good safety profile.

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