Jacobsen Celebrates 100 Years Serving the Turf Industry

Ipswich, England: Since 1921, Jacobsen mowers have been the glimpse of orange in the distance on golf courses and sports fields worldwide. In 2021, the company is celebrating 100 years in the turf industry.

While recognising the company’s milestones and achievements over a century, the focus on the future has never been stronger.

This began with the relocation of manufacturing to the Turf Care Centre of Excellence in Ipswich, where metal has been transformed into machines for 187 years at the factory.

The relocation was made to focus investment on people, skills, and mower production on a single facility and, after six months, the first fully built Jacobsen mower has been completed.

Despite the challenges facing the world in 2020, the United Kingdom and North America teams produced the HR800 wide area rotary mower – signalling an exciting start to the 100-year celebrations with more new products launching in 2021 with Jacobsen’s renewed pledge to product quality.

No one at the company expected the 100th year to come off the back of one of the most challenging many have had. Business is being conducted in different ways, with face-to-face meetings virtually non-existent.

But this year, Jacobsen is excited to launch several new online experiences, including a new standalone Jacobsen website.

“As we move into our second century, we have a vast amount of exciting news and content to share including the launch of the new standalone Jacobsen website, and the introduction of the Eclipse 360 ELiTE and AR530,” said Simon Rainger, Vice President of Turf at Jacobsen, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

Added Rainger: “These are both very exciting products for us, and especially the Eclipse 360 ELiTE which is continuing our proud tradition of manufacturing battery powered machinery, but taking a big step forward using the latest lithium-ion technology.

“These machines and other events throughout the year will help us celebrate 100 years of Jacobsen, but I think it is important to recognise the profound impact Covid-19 has had on 2020 from a personal and business perspective and recognise how well the Jacobsen team, and entire turf industry, has adapted and continued to operate.”

The Jacobsen 100-year celebrations began in earnest at the end of January with the launch of the new website, containing all of the vital specifications for each product and videos that highlight key features and showcase what the mowers do best in the settings they work best in.

Images from Jacobsen customers across the world are used on the site to bring the mowers and the various stunning locations they are used to life.

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