Indigrow’s Innovative Turf Colourant Technology

The effect of Asset Gold on Proline and Chlorophyll.

Brimpton, Berkshire, England: Turf colourants, say Indigrow, assist turf managers in maintaining an overall accentuated appearance.

Specialist manufactures of fertilisers and nutrients for the sports turf market and agriculture and horticulture markets, Indigrow, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation, has more than 75 years’ experience of operating around the world.

According to Brian Croose, Asean Regional Manager for Indigrow, among the benefits of turf colourants are:

  • Protect leaves from excessive UV light which can lead to damage to chlorophyll, a reduction in photo-synthesis and damage to cell DNA;
  • Controls excessive over-stimulation, avoiding release of electrons which, in turn, leads to a build-up of free radicals;
  • Help reduce other stresses, including: extremes of temperature (hot and cold), drought, waterlogging, pest and disease attack and close mowing.

Indigrow’s Optik Bronco contains added Asset Gold for an additional natural bio-stimulant effect and plant stress relief, particularly during periods of extreme climactic conditions. Optik Bronco can be tank mixed with additional Asset Gold if further plant stress relief is required.

“By including Asset Gold in our formulation, Optik Bronco has the added effect of increasing the Proline amino acid content in the plant to help fight the build-up of free radicals, as well as boosting chlorophyll production,” said Croose.

The development of Optik Bronco included a series of field trials against a competitor product.

Both products were applied at a rate equivalent to 1.5 lt/ha in 250 lt/ha water, using a battery powered hand-held sprayer.

Both products were assessed at regular intervals, with measurements taken using the Field Scout Green Index calibration chart and app.

Measurements were recorded using a DGCI (dark green colour index) score, with a computation of the DGCI score providing the visual score.

The trial was repeated on multiple occasions to ensure accuracy of results. An average of the results is shown in the accompanying graphs.

DGCI – Dark Green Colour Index.

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