Indigrow Unveils Asset Titanium

Brimpton, Berkshire, England: With many foliar applied nutrients it’s vital that they’re in a plant available form and soluble as application and uptake is crucial to the efficacy. Titanium is an abundant element, although often unavailable. It is both synergistic with iron at low levels and antagonistic at high levels.

Indigrow’s Asset Titanium is based on high quality raw materials to provide a highly soluble form of titanium. It is manufactured processing specific ferrotitanium raw materials, uniquely for the purpose of turf grass nutrition.

Titanium, through increasing photo-synthesis rate and iron uptake, which is involved in chlorophyll and photo-synthesis, leads to increased plant growth.

Historically, titanium has been used to enhance nutrient use efficiency. The benefits of the nutrient have been researched and publicised in peer reviewed academic papers, which has categorised titanium as having bio-stimulant qualities in the way it triggers bio-chemical processes when applied to turf grass.

“One of the main effects cited by the research is the increase in chlorophyll production. This is just one of many actions that occur when Ti in the plant available form are applied.

“The mode of action of titanium is that initially it is taken up by ligands that would ordinarily be occupied by iron and magnesium as it is synergistic at low levels of iron,” said Brian Croose, Asean Regional Manager for Indigrow, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

The first reaction of the plant is to build bio-mass. As a result, increased nitrate reductase production creates a cyclical process to build and uptake. The second major process is the increased uptake of iron and magnesium from the rhizosphere, where the roots are primed to increase more active foraging for these nutrients.

“The overall result is increased bio-mass and chlorophyll production which has been the initial findings of our independent field trial. The formulation has not only titanium, but also a balanced micro-nutrient package and a unique bio-polymer to increase the efficacy of the product,” said Croose.

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