Optimistic Outlook of China Golf Club Members

Beijing, China: Golf club members in China are in strong support about a return to normal after the Coronavirus pandemic.

A new survey of private club members across the globe shows consumer confidence and near-term economic outlooks to be strongest and most optimistic in China.

The research, which incorporated clubs in China, Australia, the United States, Canada and Europe, measured the attitudes and preferences of private club members on club operations in the wake of the Covid-19 global health crisis.

The global research survey of more than 6,300 private club members was undertaken by consulting firm GGA Partners. In China, the research was conducted in collaboration with the Golf Club Managers Committee (GCMC) and received responses from members at 16 golf clubs across six regions.

The research results indicate that members in China are ‘bullish’ about an economic return to normal compared to members in North America, Europe and Australia.

Only 29% believe overall consumer spending will decrease in the next 12 months compared to 58% as the global response.

Chinese respondents are also significantly more optimistic about the financial positions of their clubs, and are confident that club operations should revert to back to normal in the near future.

Nearly half of all respondents (48%) expect operations to revert to the way they were before the crisis, whereas members in the other countries studied are expecting a higher level of operational changes to be implemented as a means to stabilise and improve club finances.

Chinese respondents also reported the highest level of satisfaction among all participating countries when evaluating how their club has performed through the crisis – a positive and encouraging signal of confidence in club leadership within the region.

“We are grateful to Dr Aylwin Tai and the Golf Club Managers Committee for their support in this global research initiative,” said Derek Johnston, a Partner with GGA Partners. “We were very pleased to have strong support from club managers and the participation of club members in China.”

Dr Tai said: “We thank GGA Partners for their work in compiling reports comparing the responses of Chinese club members with the rest of the world,” said Dr Tai. “It is exciting for GCMC clubs to be involved and obtain useful information to help plan for the future.”

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