Sports Turf Solutions Prepares for 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Bangkok, Thailand: Approaching its 15th anniversary, Sports Turf Solutions (STS) continues to enhance its reputation in providing a wide range of support to golf course turf managers around the region.

Inaugurated in 2006 and with more than 150 staff based at offices in Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, STS acts as a distributor, supplier and partner with almost two dozen prominent companies from the industry.

“The team at STS is a group of highly motivated and trained employees who are dedicated to the golf industry,” said Brad Burgess, Owner and Managing Director of STS, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation (AGIF).

“Our ambition is to simply seek answers and solutions for the turf managers of Southeast Asia. Our trials, documentations, reports, programmes and products set us apart from the others,” he added.

In order to help ensure correct technical advice is provided for its clients in a broad range of environments, STS has aligned itself with respected strategic partners, including Bladerunner Farms and the International Turfgrass Genetic Assurance Programme (ITGAP). STS has become the largest producer of certified grasses in Asia.

Burgess, a former golf course construction and maintenance superintendent, said: “Every golf course is different and getting the right advice from the get-go is vital to ensure each and every project is successful.

“In such a fragile world that we live in today, with climate change, the world’s pollution and contamination issues getting bigger, Sports Turf Solutions is dedicated to leading the way in ensuring only the friendliest products and procedures are recommended and put into place.

“Our belief of producing a healthier, stronger turf to ensure the turf can defend itself against disease attack rather than apply non-environmentally friendly chemicals, is just the start of how we can ensure the environment is protected. Knowing how to implement and construct water wetlands, catchments, plus silt, chemical and nutrient containments that ensure pollutants are always trapped, removed or recycled is what we do.”

Eric Lynge, the AGIF’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “STS has established itself as a key player in the golf industry in Southeast Asia. As a Full Business Member of the Federation we look forward to the participation of STS in our forthcoming turfgrass management field days and seminars around the region.”

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