59club Asia Launches Hotel Mystery Shopper Audits

Bangkok, Thailand: 59club Asia has released a new hotel mystery shopper audit tool for the region which it describes as ‘revolutionary’.

This new-to-market product follows on from the company’s successful Golf Mystery Shopper audits in late 2018 and a ground-breaking foray into the hotel segment of Mystery Audits in Europe and the Middle East last year.

The latest undertaking delivers industry-first technology along with the ability to have audits tailored to be brand-specific, while retaining the core value of objectivity, said Araya Shippey, Director of Operations at 59club Asia, an Associate Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

She said: “We are very excited about our latest product, created exclusively for the hospitality industry. There is no better time to measure guest experience at your hotel than during the Covid-19 situation, when things are running as the ‘new normal’.

“Our detailed hotel mystery shopper audits with unique, brand-specific features help hotels to measure their standard operating procedures and brand-specific deliverables directly from a guest perspective. The granular audit results will assist operators to continue to improve and further develop operations. 

“We also bring to the industry another first, providing self-managed audit software that hotels can use to independently monitor and advance service levels, utilising the innovative ‘my59’ software engineered by 59club’s global headquarters in the United Kingdom.

“This allows you to send out online surveys using pre-set templates within the my59 software or create your own survey, which can be automated to send upon check-out, or at a specific time. This feature helps hotels track their own performance based on guest feedback.”

The hotel auditing software features 59club Asia’s acclaimed benchmarking programmes, covering the entire guest journey from making a reservation to check-out, along with the unique ability to measure sales strategies and increase repeat business.

The product has been developed to work with single properties or larger hotels and management groups. As it can be tailored to be brand-specific, hotels and corporate groups can take advantage of audits that will allow onsite management or corporate teams to uncover any potential non-brand alignment, ensuring the hotel delivers its brand promise to its guests and loyalty programme members.

Additionally, larger hotel groups can benchmark against other properties within the group or other hotels in a chosen competitor set. Shippey said each audit is comprehensively detailed, delivered by a trained auditor and ‘carried out with the utmost objectiveness to ensure a factual non-subjective impartial audit is conducted, covering all aspects that represent the customer experience’.

Shippey said audit results can be utilised to plan training requirements objectively and track progress over time, measured from future audits. Hotel management also can track the performance of individual departments and staff members over a set period of time.

Clients are able to take advantage of 59club Asia’s training programmes which offer offline, in-person training, along with online virtual mentor training that can be tailored to specific requirements derived from individual audits.

Training is aimed at improving overall hotel and staff performance, expanding existing knowledge, educating new staff, upskilling for relief staff and providing personal development pathways for all aspiring individuals. 

Participating hotels and management groups are eligible for inclusion in 59club’s annual Service Excellence Awards.

*For further details, visit www.59clubasia.com or email [email protected]

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