Top 100 Businesses in Golf Recognised

Jupiter, Florida, United States: The National Golf Foundation (NGF), the only trade organisation engaged in every sector within the golf industry, has released its 2020 list of the Top 100 Businesses in Golf.

This biennial list recognises the successful companies, organisations and associations of fundamental importance to golfers and the golf business at large.

With eight different industry segments represented, the US-centric NGF GOLF 100 celebrates the success of leaders across all vertical categories: apparel and equipment, turf equipment and supply, course management, retail, media and technology, and industry associations.

“The NGF GOLF 100 highlights the vitality, size and diversity of the US golf market,” said Joe Beditz, President and CEO of NGF. “The list identifies and profiles many of the brands that are well-known to golfers as well as a host of other innovators and influencers that contribute to golf’s economic impact of approximately US$84 billion.”

Eight distinct weighted criteria were taken into consideration when assessing companies and organisations for inclusion in the NGF GOLF 100. Financial success was a key component, along with overall growth rate and trajectory. Additionally, companies were assessed on their influence throughout the golf industry, their innovations, their prominence and leadership both within the sport and their category, and their contribution to the The NGF GOLF 100 is not a ranking, rather a grouping of selected companies and organisations by sector.

This initiative showcases golf’s commercial breadth in the US, bigger even than the American motion picture and video industry.

The NGF this year also introduced an extension of the GOLF 100: The International 25. While not intended to designate the top global golf brands and businesses, The International 25 provides further recognition for leading golf organisations that have their main headquarters based outside the US or conduct the majority of their significant work internationally.

The NGF GOLF 100 evolved from the NGF’s expertise in research that includes market intelligence in the areas of golf participation, consumer behaviour, course operations, facility development, travel, retail and consumer confidence. The NGF also closely monitors the industry through its consulting practice and continuous examination of golf supply, demand and trends that impact the golf businesses.

“We have a unique perspective on category leadership and innovation given our extensive study, support and direct involvement with companies in every corner of the golf business,” said NGF Chief Business Officer Greg Nathan. “This is our way to recognise those who enhance golf courses, the environment and the experience for golfers. I’m biased, but golf is the greatest game and the greatest business, so let’s celebrate it.”

The NGF GOLF 100 can be found at The Q (, the organisation’s digital golf business publication.

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