Mie Prefecture Launches World’s First ‘Golf Triathlon’

Mie Prefecture, Japan: Mie Golf Tourism Organisation (MGTO) has announced the launch of the world’s first Golf Triathlon.

The event will take place at Mie Prefecture’s Tsu Country Club on October 14 and will combine golf, running, and cycling.

“We hope that the combination of these individual sports will have a wide appeal to both domestic and international golfers, attracting many foreign participants and also inspire other golf triathlon events in Japan and abroad,” said a spokesperson for the organisers.

Shunsuke Matsuo, Representative Director of the Japan Golf Triathlon Association, said: “We have three main objectives for the event: firstly to encourage a new generation of athletes into golf and this new triathlon sport. Secondly, we would like to help golf courses pursue new possibilities as outdoor sporting venues, creating new business opportunities.

“And lastly, we hope to create a ripple economic effect, working in co-ordination and co-operation with local governments and businesses to grow the event as well as tourism in the local areas.”

The triathlon is based on points, with the winner the one with the lowest point accumulation. There will be three categories of competition: Ironman, Challenge and Relay.

Ironman is the full triathlon; challenge participants are only required to bike and run half of the distance; for the relay competitors, the course can be shared between three team members.

The first leg consists of running, with participants accumulating one point per second. Ironman level is required to complete 18 holes of the course, and just nine for the other categories.

Next comes cycling. Participants must complete two laps of the 36-hole course (challenge participants just 18 holes), with one second equivalent to one point.

The final leg is golf. A standard 18-hole stroke play format for all categories, not determined by time, participants can carry their own bag, or can wheel it on a trolley. Competition rules are the local rules of the course. Points calculation is 40 points per stroke.

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