Trio of Syngenta Solutions Registered for Use in California

California, United States: The latest control solutions from Syngenta are now registered for use on California golf courses to help improve turf quality and playability.

Appear II and Secure Action fungicides provide superintendents with enhanced control of some of the most prevalent turf diseases, while the Divanem nematicide spot treatment rate delivers stronger turf through proven, broad-spectrum nematode control. 

“Turf quality is a critical indicator of the effectiveness of an agronomic programme,” said Stephanie Schwenke, Turf Market Manager for Syngenta, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“With these newly labelled solutions, superintendents have more application options that can help provide greater turf quality, resulting in enhanced root growth and increased drought tolerance,” she added. 

To better manage abiotic stress, disease and nematodes, Syngenta recommends using these products as part of a sound agronomic programme: 

   • Secure Action includes a boost of acibenzolar-S-methyl (ASM) to help condition turf, so it performs at its best during the season and quickly recovers from biotic stress, like dollar spot, and abiotic stress, such as drought and heat. It also increases the dollar spot control interval from 14 to 21 days. 

   • Appear II controls important diseases like Pythium, while enhancing colour, turf quality and stress tolerance in warm and cool-season grasses. Additionally, it is specifically designed for optimal resuspension and mixability with Daconil Action or Secure Action fungicides for use in an agronomic programme to control additional diseases like anthracnose and leaf spot.

   • The Divanem spot treatment rate of 12.2 ounces/10,000 square feet enhances control of nematodes, including Anguina, spiral, lance, root-knot and sting nematodes, while improving root quality for stronger, healthier turf that recovers more quickly from stress. The Divanem supplemental label must be in the user’s possession at the time of spot treatment. Existing Divanem inventory may be used at the spot treatment rate, as long as the supplemental label is readily available.

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