Syngenta’s Appear II Provides Turf Control

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States: Syngenta has launched Appear II fungicide to provide golf course superintendents with control of diseases like Pythium and anthracnose, while improving stress tolerance and turf quality in both warm-season and cool-season grasses.

Appear II provides inside-out turf protection. On the inside, the active ingredient is immediately available and quickly absorbed by the plant in its most active form. On the outside, an increased pigment load provides a deep, natural green colour and enhanced turf quality.

“We developed Appear II with superintendents and golfers in mind,” said Steve Dorer, Fungicide Brand Manager for Turf at Syngenta, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

He added: “Not only does it deliver the proven disease control superintendents have come to expect from our fungicides, it also offers improved mixability and re-suspension that makes it easier to use and provides a more natural green colour golfers can see.”

Research has shown that Appear II consistently enhances the performance of fungicide programmes for disease control and stress tolerance. And when tank mixed with other fungicides, the Appear II label includes additional diseases, such as bermudagrass leaf spot, bermudagrass decline/take-all root rot and pink snow mould.

New research has also shown that fall and/or winter applications of Appear II, tank mixed with Daconil Action or Secure Action, lead to quicker spring green-up and improved turf quality.

“By incorporating Appear II into agronomic programmes, superintendents can expect more than just increased disease control,” said Lane Tredway, Syngenta’s Technical Services Manager for Turf. “It also helps quicken spring green-up and really improves aesthetics and playability all season.”

Syngenta says Appear II contains a new surfactant system that offers superintendents reliable re-suspension and mixability. As a liquid product, it enters into suspension more quickly, and studies have shown that it leaves significantly less residue in sprayer filters.

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