KN Golf Links Introduces Vietnam’s First Golfing GPS System

Cam Ranh, Vietnam: Award-winning KN Golf Links continues to push boundaries in Vietnam’s golfing market place with the introduction of StayPrime’s TeeWalker GPS system.

Further enhancing its services and customer experience, the club has installed the latest generation of GPS technology from StayPrime, providing golfers with a user-friendly hand-held device that can go anywhere on the course with them, offering accurate real-time location-based distance measurements.

An interactive scorecard also allows players to keep track of their key performance indicators as they play and have them emailed directly to their inbox for reference.

“Our caddies will all carry a tee-walker system and will be able to use this to provide the golfer with accurate distances to any point on the hole the player may wish, whether it be to the pin, a distance to carry a bunker or a lay-up distance,” said Simon Mees, General Manager at KN Golf Links, a Golf Course Facility Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

“Regardless of the player’s skill level and requirement it will provide our guests with an extra level of confidence on their shot and club selection.

“With our policy of carts on cart paths, it was an easy decision for us to opt for the TeeWalker system rather than the more traditional cart-based GPS devices. It provides our guests with the same levels of information, but in a portable hand-held device.

“We are the first course in Vietnam to offer this added benefit to our guests and I am confident that the golfers will enjoy not only the user friendliness but the extra levels of information they are able to gain on top of the advice given by our caddies.”   

Dhruv Verma, StayPrime’s CEO, said: “StayPrime is leading the way in innovative fleet management technology, and its latest product line of TeeWalker brings advance fleet and walking golfer management facilities ‘all in one’. TeeWalker is a versatile golf GPS device that can be placed in a golf cart, clipped to the golf bag or carried by the golfers during the golf game and has a large global customer base.  

“Our vision is to partner with high quality and state-of the-art golf courses such as KN Golf Links who are focused on providing the very best of services to their golfers. KN Golf Links are pioneering advance technology in enhancing course efficiency and golfer experience in Vietnam and have brought the TeeWalker to this market. We look forward to a successful partnership and an enjoyable experience for the Vietnamese golfers!” 

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