Campey Goes Green with Time-Saving Electric 5 Deck Mower

The Fleischmann Electric 5 Deck mower.

London, England: Campey Turf Care Systems is giving turf professionals a green solution to mowing with the introduction of the Fleischmann Electric 5 Deck mower.

The mower has five 2.20-metre cutting decks with six spindles per deck, giving a 10-metre overall cutting width. The mower features a braked steering rear axle and the two-point pivoting front mount hitch provides high manoeuvreability, enabling cutting speeds of up to 20 kilometres per hour to be achieved.

Each blade on the five cutting decks is powered by a low maintenance electric motor, leaving behind traditional gearboxes and PTO shafts and eliminating the risk of oil leaks. The six high tip speed blades in each deck give more cuts per metre and offer excellent clipping dispersal.

“The modern generator used to power the mower is very efficient and lowers all the factors you’d want less of. That’s low PTO requirements, low engine revs and lower noise output for quiet operation,” said a spokesperson for Campey Turf Care Systems, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

The mechanics of the operation are enhanced further by the five low ground pressure castor wheels. Each deck has five wheels which are designed to follow contours and iron out bumps in the surface without leaving any marks. The wheels are also used to easily set the height of cut with all other operations controlled from the in-cab control box.

The 25 castor wheels are joined at the back of the machine by two steerable braked tyres on the rear axle. These tyres improve the turning circle and prevent any marks being made. They also make the machine safer when travelling at high speed on the road.

Transporting the mower is simple with hydraulic folding wings reducing the width of the machine to a three-metre transport width. The process of folding has been meticulously tested to ensure that no marking or scuffing occurs during the conversion from working to transporting.

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