New Rain Bird Sod Cup Kit Enhancing Golf Course Playability

Tucson, Arizona, United States: Rain Bird Golf has introduced a new Sod Cup Kit that reduces the risk of rotors negatively impacting play on closely mowed approaches to golf course greens.
The kit also makes it possible for superintendents and their teams to spend less time trimming around rotors, freeing them up to work on other tasks.
“By installing our new Sod Cup Kit on existing Rain Bird rotors, superintendents can achieve a more attractive and seamless course appearance,” said Altan Tolan, Rotor Product Manager for Rain Bird Golf, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation. “Because turf grows directly on top of the rotors, they become practically invisible.”
Installing the kit on Rain Bird 551 and 700/751 Series rotors is a simple process that can be done by hand – no tools required. Because the sod cup is the same size as a standard golf-hole cutter, it’s easy to quickly cut sod that’s just the right size and shape to fit firmly and securely within the cup.
After installation, when the rotor is popping up or retracting, its self-flushing action sends a burst of water through the case. This flushing action simultaneously protects the rotor’s internal components from debris and irrigates the turf now growing in the sod cup.
“While improving playability and course appearance is certainly important, we wanted to ensure that the Sod Cup Kit did not compromise rotor functionality,” Tolan said. “That’s why, even with the kit installed, our 551 and 700/751 Series rotors maintain their top-serviceability and timeless compatibility with other Rain Bird Golf products.”

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