Foley’s Accu-Pro 673 Fits the Bill

Tony Snaith, Senior Grinding Technician Dennis Sisis, with the new Foley Accu-Pro 673 Bedknife Grinder.

Birmingham, England: Dennis Sisis has added a Foley Accu-Pro 673 from ProSport UK to its production line to ensure perfect OEM specification grinding.
The renowned mower manufacturer had very specific requirements when it came to choosing the machine that would grind all of the bedknives for its mowers, citing reliability, flexibility and accuracy as the top three priorities.
As part of the production line, the Accu-Pro 673 fully automatic Bedknife grinder is in constant use and will grind thousands of bedknives a year, with the machine having already delivered between 500 to 600 blades in its first three months.
These blades are manufactured in-house through Dennis Sisis’ sister company, Crocodile Precision Ltd.
Ian Howard, Managing Director of Dennis Sisis, said: “Our specification for a grinder differs slightly from a golf course or football club because of the amount of time our grinders are working.
“We’re having our busiest year to date, our order books are full, sales are booming, and demand is increasing all the time. So this increases our need for reliability and quality in the production line.
“Every bedknife we produce has to be individually ground to the correct OEM specification on the bedknife carrier, prior to mower assembly. We need a grinder that makes efficient use of workshop time by being quick and easy to set up, particularly as we are constantly swapping between different length blades.
“Our customers expect accurately ground relief angles on the blade, and the Accu-Pro 673 consistently delivers top-quality performance.”
The robust construction and features of the Foley United machine made it a more attractive grinder for Howard and the Dennis Sisis team. The innovative mounting system uses powerful electro-magnets to hold the bed bar in place and Positive Gauge Stops to make set up simple and fast.
Fast angle set up provides repeatability without recalibration. Set the Angle Stops once and the 673 will grind the same angle over and over. Changing from grinding the front face to the top face is as simple as pushing a button and watching as the powered Tool Bar rotates into the position.
Automation is at the core of the 673’s success, with the pre-set programmes automatically starting the grinder, traversing the grinding head, in-feeding the grinding head and stopping the grinding process.
One man who experiences the full benefit of these features is Dennis Sisis’ Senior Grinding Technician Tony Snaith. “I’ve been delighted with the performance and speed the blades can be set up and ground,” he said.
“The Accu-Pro 673 has performed consistently, efficiently and accurately and has coped with the constant demands of the production line. It has really proven itself to be the perfect machine for what we need.”
Foley grinders claim to deliver the best grinding solution available on the market. Be it for high output in a production line, contractor, local authority or the more measured approach of affordable in-house grinding for golf courses and football clubs.
Foley United is a Full Business Member of thre Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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