Record Participation in Women’s Golf Day

New York, United States: The world came together for the third annual celebration of women and girls golf – Women’s Golf Day (WGD) 2018.
Events across the globe kicked off in Sydney, Australia, finishing over 24 hours later, and almost a full turn of the globe away, in Hawaii, with golfing communities being strengthened and created all along the way.
The 2018 event spanned eight new countries: Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Turkey, Mauritius, Egypt, Uganda, Guadeloupe and Montenegro, taking the total number of countries to have participated in the event to 58 and the number of venues in excess of 900.
With thousands of women enjoying the day of golf and socialising at their golf venues, and millions of golf fans supporting the event across social media, Women’s Golf Day 2018 created a wave of enthusiasm for the women’s game like never seen before.
Elisa Gaudet, Founder of Women’s Golf Day, was astounded by the impact of the day and the support shown across the world.
“I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved with Women’s Golf Day. The positivity and enthusiasm shown by the golfing community across the world just blew me away. The pictures of smiling faces at events in Uganda, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and so many others could so easily have been the faces I saw at the events I attended in the US. The game of golf has transcended national borders and the incredible women involved in the game across the globe showed the world how much we all have in common.”
Lauren Thompson from Golf Channel played a prominent part in promoting the day’s events, hosting Morning Drive’s programme dedicated to Women’s Golf Day and those people in the industry making an impact on women. They even included live coverage from WGD events in Dubai and Pinehurst.
Thompson said: “WGD is so fun, I cannot believe it has been three years in the running and we always talk about growing the game and how much we need to get more females out there on the golf course and then someone went and did something about it.”
Social media support from the golfing world hit a new high with some of the most recognised names and organisations in the game getting behind the day. But the real stars of the show were the women and girls that were out on the courses, ranges, stores and venues that held events across the globe.
Natalie Goodall, Assistant Teaching Professional at The Els Club Dubai, said: “WGD has really helped bring awareness around the region, not just in Dubai but in Abu Dhabi and also in the Saudi regions. It’s becoming really big and it’s so good to see.”
Women’s Golf Day has ignited a passion for the game in many and brought a sense of fun, community and belonging to many more. As the sun set on the final event in the 2018 day, Gaudet reflected on the global movement that she has created.
“There’s nothing like WGD in any other sport,” she said. “The communities that we’ve tapped into are truly amazing and to be part of growing and strengthening their bonds is such a privilege. This year, more than any, has made me realise the importance of providing a platform for a celebration of all the ways golf brings women closer together and I can’t wait to reach even more of the world’s women and girls in 2019.”

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