Toro Launches Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ to Global Marketplace

Bloomington, Minnesota, United States: Toro has introduced a revolutionary new way to provide parts to its customers with the launch of Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+.
Instead of providing reels, bearings, seals and spacers separately, Toro and its channel partners will be providing Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ in a complete assembly, reducing the time required for technicians to install new replacement reels in Toro cutting units.
Demand in the marketplace and customer feedback has been a key driver behind the introduction of the new Toro Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+, which allow technicians to streamline their operations.
With the bearings already pressed on with required low-drag flock seals and spacers, customers can save approximately 15-20 minutes of installation time per reel.
Additionally, the overall cost to the customer is lower due to the fact that additional bearings, seals and spacers are sold at a discount from the individual part retail price for each component.
Integrating the reels and components together also eliminates the guesswork for technicians and ensures the recommended bearings are utilised, which can contribute to the overall longevity of the cutting unit.
“With this launch, anytime Toro customers see the plus symbol (+) next to reels or EdgeSeries reels, they know they’re getting a fully-integrated reel assembly, complete with bearings, seals and spacers,” said Grant Adams, Marketing Manager at Toro, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.
“We are confident that this new solution is going to simplify and streamline the maintenance processes in the long run, ultimately making a positive contribution to the bottom line of the operation,” Adams added.
In most cases, Reels+ assemblies will replace all reels currently offered through Toro’s distribution network. In some cases where reels do not require bearings – for example, in gang reels and some greens applications – singular reel units will be available.
Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ are being phased in during 2018.

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