New IC CONNECT Devices Expand Capabilities of Rain Bird IC System

Tucson, Arizona, United States: Rain Bird Golf has introduced two IC CONNECT products designed to make its industry-leading IC System even more functional and convenient for superintendents and their courses.
The Rain Bird IC-IN Integrated Control Sensor Input Device makes it possible to monitor and respond to on-site sensor information in real-time, utilising the IC System’s MAXI wire path.
The Rain Bird IC-OUT Integrated Control Output Device enables activation of remotely located equipment from the Central Control.
“Since 2009, the IC System has delivered total control and unmatched diagnostics to golf courses in over 40 countries around the world,” said Scott Rottler, Senior Product Manager for Rain Bird Golf’s Central Control systems. “As complementary devices, both the IC-IN and IC-OUT take the IC System to the next level by providing superintendents with additional functionality that can reduce water use, save time and reduce labour expenses.”
Both the IC-IN and IC-OUT connect directly to the same IC System wire path as the Integrated Control Modules (IC Modules) used to activate sprinklers.  Multiple IC-IN, IC-OUT and IC Modules may be connected to a single wire path, providing flexibility for the varied site conditions found across every golf course.
IC-IN collects and transmits data to the Central Control from sensor devices of various types, including flow, rain, pressure, temperature, wind speed, on/off and reservoir level sensors.
IC-OUT integrates the Rain Bird Central Control with remotely located products such as pumps, fans, gates, fountains, lights, motorised valves, DC latching solenoids and more. Users can now control these products automatically from the Central Control computer or manually via the Rain Bird Mobile Interface (MI Series) application.
IC System customers can experience optimum control by using these IC CONNECT system components in combination with each other and Rain Bird’s Central Control system.
Constant communication between the Central Control and the IC-IN and IC-OUT devices facilitates real-time, automated responses to changing site conditions.
Thus, course management is simplified allowing superintendents and their crews to remotely manage irrigation and a multitude of other products that enhance the player experience.
“By providing simplified installation pinpoint diagnostics and easy expandability, the IC System has permanently changed the way golf course superintendents manage their irrigation systems,” Rottler said.
“Now, with the addition of the IC CONNECT devices, the IC System continues to evolve, allowing superintendents to further fine-tune their watering and increase automation around the course.”
Rain Bird is an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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