Glowing Endorsement for Foley Accu-Pro 633

Double A Trading’s Erin Mackie and Martin Bell with the new Foley grinder.

London, England: During her 13-year career as Service Manager at Double A, Erin Mackie has compiled countless efficiency reports, while deciding what new equipment to buy.
Before making her decision, she’d consult with those that use them to find out exactly what they want from it.
When it came to choosing a new grinder, Mackie, considering the opinions of her grinding technicians, wanted a fully automatic computerised machine that would provide a quicker high-quality grind whilst allowing the operators to be proactive elsewhere.
With these requirements in mind, Mackie decided to opt for the grinder recommended by Ian Robson, Managing Director of ProSport UK and Foley UK distributor.
Mackie said: “We looked at grinders from different manufactures but were most impressed with the Foley Accu-Pro 633 as it met all the criteria needed to deliver the best grinding service.
“We offer this service primarily for professional golf course machinery but also for any of our customers machines and our own demo mowers that need sharpening.
“One of the many reasons I chose the Foley Accu-Pro 633, and why the engineers preferred that grinder to the others on offer, is because it is completely computerised. It offers us spin and relief grinding and it’s fully automatic. So, while the grinder is in action our technicians can be away and working on something else.
“It’s also fully enclosed so it meets all our health and safety regulations, reducing the excessive noise that we used to get with our other fully open machine.
“Purchasing the Accu-Pro will significantly improve our efficiency for grinding and, in turn, this will increase our capacity.
“I’m looking forward to working out exactly how much more work we will be able to complete compared to our old grinder.”
The increase in efficiency comes from the automation of the machine, but more specifically the processes within it. The ‘Automatic Placement System’ uses the Accu-Reel Selector and Cylinder Height Stop, which combined, locate the reel exactly where required for a fast and easy spin and relief grind.
Pre-set relief angles are easily identified on the ‘Relief Angle Adjuster’, making grinding the correct angle with the proper clearances for each reel type, a simple task.
As the grinder uses the AccuTouch 3 Control with its built-in training programme, the operator training, although still required, is quick and easy. Mackie was impressed just how rapidly Robson carried out the full installation and training process.
“Ian has been very helpful. The guys didn’t have any quibbles. He went through the machine thoroughly with them and trained all of our operators within a short period of time, which was great,” said Mackie.
Foley United is a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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