New Rain Bird Rotors Making Splash

Sutera Harbour Golf & Country Club, Sabah

London, England: Designed specifically for watering smaller golf course areas such as tee boxes and compact greens, Rain Bird’s new 500/550 Series rotors are the only valve-in-head golf course rotors on the market offering a radius of 8.5 to 14.3 metres.
Available now, there is a variety of Block, SAM/Hydraulic and valve-in-head versions.
Replacing the 351b Series, Rain Bird 500/550 Series golf course rotors offer Timeless Compatibility engineering which means a course can install new 500/550 internal assemblies into existing Rain Bird golf rotor cases manufactured as far back as 1992.
Taking advantage of this, golf courses can easily upgrade to the latest irrigation technology without having to dig up golf rotor cases already in the ground.
500/550 Series golf rotors are compatible with Rain Bird’s IC (Integrated Control) System that connects the central control and enables communication directly to every rotor and valve.
Because the 500/550 Series rotors share a common platform with Rain Bird’s 700/751 Series, they incorporate all the improvements made to golf rotors over the past decade.
“Being able to add new golf rotors without having to change any of the control hardware is a real boon,” said Jimmy Sandison, Golf Area Sales Manager, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Iceland for Rain Bird, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.
“And having the ability to water smaller areas more efficiently is becoming more and more important. Course managers are increasingly under pressure to use water more wisely, as well as delivering aesthetically pleasing and healthy playing surfaces.
“These golf rotors allow for precise and more efficient irrigation of smaller course areas. As nozzles offer higher flow rates and emit larger water droplets that cut through wind, (features not commonly found in rotors with a short throw radius), water can be applied exactly where it’s needed in a shorter amount of time.”
Rain Bird 500/550 Series valve-in-head golf rotors feature robust, reliable construction, top-serviceable arc adjustment and pressure regulation, as well as easy access to internal components.
The 500 Series models offer a radius of 8.5 to 14.3 metres and a full-circle, 360-degree arc. The 550 Series covers a radius 8.5 metres to 14.4 metres, with an arc that’s adjustable from 30 to 345 degrees.
Both offer a new low-angle nozzle for 8.5 metres coverage. Flow rates range from 7.25 to 13.20 gpm (27.45 lpm to 49.97 lpm) for the 500 Series and 7.25 to 13.60 gpm (27.6 lpm to 51.6 lpm) for the 550 Series.
“The new 500/550 Series is the latest example of Rain Bird’s commitment to help golf courses use water more efficiently and reduce overall cost of ownership,” said a Rain Bird spokesman.

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