Forum Focus Falls on Futureproofing Plant Protection

Dr Colin Mumford

Burton-on-Trent, England: Delegates at next month’s Amenity Forum will hear how an integrated approach to weed, pest and disease management is key to the future of the sector, due to the increased regulatory pressure on plant protection products.
Speaking at the event on October 12, Dr Colin Mumford, Bayer Technical Manager, will explain the importance of integrated management programmes, that use cultural and biological controls, ahead of pesticide applications, and how these methods are more effective than relying solely on chemicals.
“Using this management style will help reduce the amount of plant protection products used and therefore aims to prolong the availability of pesticides on the market,” he said.
Mumford will also explain how Bayer – an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation – is taking measures to bring new sustainable products to the market, through extensive research and development, which will allow users to continue to apply them for the foreseeable future.
Mumford said: “Our development process is driven by industry demand, and because I’m regularly out talking to end-users, I gain a first-hand insight into their issues and concerns, so that Bayer can work to provide a successful solution to real-life problems.
“We then look at existing and forthcoming regulatory requirements and anticipate potential stricter measures, so that any new product not only meets, but surpasses the requirements to achieve an authorisation. One aspect we focus on is ensuring that the impact of the product on the environment is minimised not only now, but well into the future.
“It’s also important to make products effective with the smallest amount of active ingredient possible. This not only reduces the amount of exposure to the environment, it also means that products are more likely to remain on the market, without reformulation, if the authorities update the regulations.”
A final essential point to consider in any plant protection product, is that it is safe for the operator to apply, as user safety is paramount for any pesticide. All these aspects will be discussed in further detail during Mumford’s presentation at the Amenity Forum.

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