Toro Introduces ‘The Internet of Turf’

Toro IOT PosterBloomington, Minneapolis, United States: Toro has introduced The Internet of Turf, which consolidates five of Toro’s key technological products and services under one umbrella.
By leveraging the power of the Internet, and today’s latest technological advancements, Toro is able to provide actionable data to turf professionals and the tools to get the job done more efficiently.
The results are practical solutions enabling customers to maximise performance of their crew, their equipment and their turf.
An Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation, Toro leverages connectivity and data in solutions bridging irrigation control, fertiliser and pesticide application, turf and soil monitoring, and equipment performance and maintenance.
These major solution areas form the foundation of The Internet of Turf:

  • Lynx Central Control System – A mobile web interface with remote connectivity by smartphone or tablet that gives superintendents greater control of their irrigation system. It also provides access to critical data from anywhere to make proper decisions regarding their irrigation practices.
  • myTurf Asset Management System – Enables efficient web-based tracking and maintenance management of turf equipment, including operating hours and other performance notifications.
  • Turf Guard Wireless Soil Monitoring System – In-ground sensors measure and report on soil moisture, temperature and salinity through a web portal to help customers make data-driven decisions on when, where and how much to water to keep turf healthy.
  • GeoLink Precision Spray System – Used with Toro’s Multi Pro sprayers for application control, GPS technology helps deliver greater precision and more consistent coverage.
  • NSN Technical Support – Best-in-industry technical support and web-based customer portal that provides customers with a knowledge-sharing database, online chat, and remote central connectivity and monitoring.

“Turf equipment and irrigation solutions are becoming smarter every day, and we believe in the power of technology and connectivity to help our customers make more informed decisions about their course, their equipment and irrigation system assets,” said Brian Ries, Senior Marketing Manager, Data Technologies at Toro.
“By focusing on the right data and practical solutions to real pain points, we ensure the right foundation for the future while enabling superintendents to be more productive today.”
It’s estimated that by the year 2020, over 200 billion devices will be talking to each other and sending data on the Web*. Specifically for superintendents, this connectivity will translate into opportunities for greater productivity and efficiency across their course operations and management systems.
To watch The Internet of Turf video, please click here. To learn more about The Internet of Turf and the products and services included, please visit the Toro website.
*Source: IDC, Intel, Aberdeen

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