Video Showcases Maredo Range of Products

2016-08-23-gt230-jac-gp400-07-lowAmsterdam, Netherlands: Asian Golf Industry Federation Associate Business Member Maredo has showcased its impressive product line-up in a new video.
The high-quality production, lasting almost seven minutes, highlights the company’s various machines and the tasks they carry out.
The video was shot while major maintenance work was being undertaken at a golf course in the Netherlands.
Marinus Reincke, Chief Executive Officer at Maredo, said: “Several Maredo machines were used to accomplish this job. By using a drone, we had a nice overview of the maintenance work and we thought this was an ideal opportunity to make a video.”
On the video, all of the following Maredo machines are captured in action:
*Maredo GT230 HiSpeed Corer, which cored all 36 greens at the club. A fast, clean and quick recovering method of removing the thatch.
*Maredo GT250, CountRo Sweeper, which cleaned the green surfaces. The brushes counter rotate.
*Maredo GT410 VibeSpike Seeder, a very efficient high-speed over-seeder.
*Maredo MT200 Flex Verti-cutter, which was used to verti-cut the fairways. Due to the flexible suspension of the verti-cut heads on the MT’s main frame, the heads follow the undulations perfectly.
*Maredo MT210 VibeSpike Aerator, which uses vibration to hammer the spikes 60 mm into the soil and shatters the layer at the same time.
The Maredo video is available via You Tube under the link:

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