Bayer Stewarding the Future at STRI Research 2016

Phytobac technologies developed by Bayer
Phytobac technologies developed by Bayer

York, England: The sustainable treatment of turf using integrated pest and disease management will be high on the agenda at this year’s Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) research event.
And underlining its commitment to environmental best practice is Bayer, who will showcase two new solutions that promise to ensure more responsible use of chemicals.
On September 21-22, the Bayer Turf Solutions Team will give detailed demonstrations on the solutions developed to ensure safe use, optimum control and responsible disposal of plant protection products.
“We’ll be showcasing the innovative easyFlow and Phytobac technologies developed by Bayer and will also discuss the importance of correct stewardship practises including resistance management and correct application rates,” said Colin Mumford, Technical Manager at Bayer, an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.
The first solution Bayer is showcasing is the easyFlow, which is designed to be secured onto any product when tank mixing or filling, and is the first closed, contamination-avoiding, self-cleaning transfer system for liquid plant protection products on the market.
“The state-of-the-art system has been proven to improve health and safety of the operator by up to 96% by reducing spillage and exposure with its closed transfer and rinsing system. This will in turn save money, because it reduces waste, as well as being better for the environment,” said Mumford.
The second solution that Bayer is showcasing is the Phytobac – a closed system treatment disposal unit, similar to a bio-bed, that is used to safely dispose of chemicals and waste water from washing down spraying equipment. The system encourages best practise and will help golf courses to follow pesticide stewardship guidelines.
“The Phytobac is filled with soil and barley straw that harbour bacteria which feed on pesticides to dispose of them naturally without harming the external environment,” said Mumford.
During the session the STRI will also be presenting research findings on the minimum amount of active ingredient required for a product to achieve control of the target pest – all geared to save turf professionals time, money and most importantly, responsible application of products.
The blueprints for the Phytobac system and a calculator to determine the size of system required will soon be available, free of charge, on the Bayer Environmental Science website.

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