Brexit Impact upon Weed, Pest and Disease Control

London, England: In the wake of Brexit, there’s a need to demonstrate the importance of weed, pest and disease control, said Professor John Moverley, Chairman of the Amenity Forum.
The Amenity Forum is a United Kingdom-based, industry-led body for the promotion of ‘best practice’ principles within the amenity sector when using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, algaecides and other products to control pests and diseases in this diverse sector.
During a presentation to a recent sector event, Professor Moverley said: “In the run up to the UK Referendum vote, and indeed immediately after it, there were varying statements of both optimism and doom and gloom and in the sector there are those who were on different sides of the vote.
“However, we now have a new Prime Minister and the task has begun in implementing the decision made at the ballot box. Yes, change naturally creates uncertainties and there will be real and significant impacts on business in many ways.
“However, it is important that, whatever our views on Brexit, we now move forward, adapt, manage accordingly and grasp the opportunities.
“Clearly this is a major decision taken by the British people and it will take time to fully understand and respond to the changes that will now follow.
“In the immediate term it is business as usual and, as the transition process moves forward, the Amenity Forum will seek to work closely with all involved. In terms of weed, pest and disease control, the UK has adopted the Sustainable Use Directive in its National Action Plan and nothing therefore is again set to change in the immediate term.
“Change does provide real opportunity for the sector to influence new approaches and to be fully engaged in seeking out solutions to existing problems. Weed, pest and disease control is both important and essential. We need to all fully demonstrate this and operate at the highest standards.”
The Amenity Forum Annual Conference is being held on October 13 at the Pirelli Stadium at Burton-on-Trent.
Professor Moverley said: “It has become a very important event in the amenity calendar. The event provides a great opportunity for keynote speakers to address topical issues, for networking and discussion and for the sector to demonstrate its commitment to best practice and just what an important range of work it undertakes.
“It provides opportunity to further influence our key stakeholders and decision-makers and profile even more just how important is weed, pest and disease control.”

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