Oakmont Country Club’s Famed Greens Ready to Roll

Oakmont Country Club maintenance crew members using Jacobsen PGM walking greens mower on an early morning mow ahead of this week’s US Open.
Oakmont Country Club maintenance crew members using Jacobsen PGM walking greens mower on an early morning mow ahead of this week’s US Open.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States: In the weeks leading up to this week’s US Open, Jacobsen had a chance to visit with David Delsandro, Director of US Open Operations and Projects, and John Zimmers, Superintendent of Oakmont Country Club.
Much has been said about the famed course over the years and its unrivalled reputation as being tournament ready every day of the year.
Lee Trevino perhaps put it best when he said: “There’s only one course in the country where you could step out right now – right now – and play the US Open, and that’s Oakmont.”
Zimmers said: “When you say things like tournament ready or championship ready, these are the expectations of Oakmont Country Club and what we strive to provide our members every day.”
Delsandro added: “Of course, those expectations bring a certain level of stress. But we embrace that pressure and although we really don’t maintain the course that differently for the US Open, we strive to not grip the bat too hard or overthrow. We focus on what we normally do and let our body of work show for itself.”
What the team ‘normally’ does is nothing short of incredible – consistently providing green speeds over 13 and 14 feet – in addition to maintaining 210 bunkers and keeping 300 acres looking picture-perfect every day.
“Ultimately, it goes back to what course designer Henry Fownes’ originally wanted: a very brutal test of golf, but fair. And I think that’s really how you describe the US Open. You want the players to grind and the best player will get the trophy.”
Even the famed church pews get special attention at Oakmont. “We make sure the church pews look good year round,” said Zimmers. “It’s not unusual to get people in the dead of winter who really want to see them.”
Zimmers and his crew have been using Jacobsen PGM 22 walking greens mowers since he arrived in 1999.
“Part of the history, the culture here at Oakmont has always been about firm and fast greens,” said Zimmers. “Our greens are a very unique poa annua grass that we found are best maintained with a Jacobsen PGM 22 outfitted with a 19” reel on a 22” roller.
“I’ve been doing this for years now and we’ve tried other mowers, other technology and we always come back to this mower. It cuts better, you get a better green speed, better quality-of-cut, better performance, better turf health and it’s just undoubtedly, hands down the best mowers for Oakmont’s greens.”
Delsandro said: “We actually recently renewed our fleet of greens mowers and local Jacobsen dealer Krigger & Co came in and replicated the identical set-up of our mowers, which have been dialled in so precisely for our needs.”
Jacobsen was also able to fulfill a very specific need for Oakmont with its newly released HR700 14-foot wide-area rotary mower.
“The new HR700 rotary enables us to meet the USGA specifications for rough mowing,” added Delsandro. “With this mower, we can mow at a five-inch height-of-cut and, as a result, get a more uniform, denser stand of rough.”
For Zimmers, one of the most rewarding things about working at Oakmont is seeing his team come together and realise how much they have accomplished.
Oakmont4“Right now, we have a very special group of young men who are starting to see in these last few weeks the results of all their hard work and dedication, to appreciate what they did on a cold March morning,” said Zimmers.
“And it’s very rewarding for me to see where these young men will be in a few years and how successful they will be.”
And what does Zimmers consider a successful US Open? “The ideal outcome for this US Open is to have a great championship and a great champion for the world and our members. And, of course, we’d like to see a nice score around par.”
Jacobsen is an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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