FootJoy Launches New Performance Fitting System

FJPFS_Image01_720x480_72_RGBSingapore: FootJoy has underlined its reputation as the leader in golf shoe fitting with the introduction of a first-of-its kind Performance Fitting system, called the FJ Performance Fitting System.
Utilising BodiTrak technology and a proprietary algorithm, the FJ Performance Fitting System can very quickly determine the type of golf footwear that will best unlock speed and power in a golfer’s swing.
The FJ Performance Fitting System is a partnership between FJ and BodiTrak Sports, a sports technology company focused on the interaction between an athlete and the ground.
The two leadership brands have conducted extensive research and testing to better understand the connection between footwear selection and golf performance.
Through thousands of swings and careful evaluation, FJ determined golfers ‘respond’ differently to different types of footwear.
*These ‘Responder Types’ (Mobile, Dual, Structured) saw performance increases of up to three miles per hour of club head speed when properly Performance Fit.
*FJ & BodiTrak used this research to build algorithms to predict Performance Fit for any golfer.
*Club head speed increases with proper Performance Fit were seen at all levels of the game and validated on the PGA Tour.
“We’ve been making golf shoes for over 100 years and, with a singular focus on the game of golf, we’ve learned a lot about golfers and their footwear,” said Doug Robinson, VP Golf Footwear Worldwide for FootJoy, part of the Acushnet company, a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.
“But this project allowed us to look at the link between golf footwear and performance in a totally different way.
“Structured shoes, like ICON Black or DryJoys Tour, are ideal for 30% of the golfing population, based on our testing. But there’s another 30% that need something completely different – a shoe like Freestyle or D.N.A. that’s mobile and creates movement and motion in order to unleash their speed.”
The FJ Performance Fitting System is a mobile unit comprising a BodiTrak pressure mat and iPad with FJ’s custom mobile application. With as little as three swings, a golf professional can guide a player through a fitting to determine their responder type and ultimately select footwear that best suits their swing.
Rob Kelley, VP, Brand Marketing, FootJoy, said: “At FJ, golf is all we do, and we have always seen footwear as equipment. With the PFS, we have unlocked the ability for golfers of all types to select footwear that fits their swing – and as Hunter Mahan said: ‘FootJoy makes so many types of golf shoes because there are so many different types of golf swings.’
FJPFS_Mat_720x480_72_RGBDr Sasho MacKenzie, Sports Biomechanics Professor and BodiTrak Advisor, said: “We found that the majority of golfers perform significantly better while wearing shoes that are fit to their swing style. The FJ PFS combines algorithms derived from thousands of golf swings, and swing information collected with the BodiTrak mat, to determine with a high probability, the best style of shoe for a particular golfer. Shoe fitting is important and made easy with the FJ PFS.”
The FJ PFS will be demonstrated at various driving ranges across Southeast Asia, starting next month.

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