Bayer Launches New Fungicide Programme

Bayer-Fusarium-turf-strongly-affected-in-conducive-weather.London, England: A new fungicide programme has been launched by Bayer for complete control of microdochium patch, more commonly referred to as Fusarium.
Microdochium patch is one of the most damaging and disfiguring fungal diseases to attack turf. It occurs in over 90% of golf courses in the United Kingdom to some extent during the year.
Good management techniques can go a long way towards minimising the effect of this disease but historically, the number of guaranteed full season control programmes have been limited.
Now, with the launch of the microdochium patch programme, full control of the infection with a planned approach is assured for the first time.
And according to Neil Pettican from the Bayer Turf Solutions Team, the programme has been specifically developed to guarantee control during the months of September to December.
In a report in Golf Business News, Pettican said: “The design of the programme helps greenkeepers by giving them a planned approach to disease management and aims to promote optimum health so that it’s better able to deal with the threat of disease.
“The greenkeepers’ primary goal is getting the course ready for play and this has never been more important in an increasingly competitive environment – where customer expectations are high and turf quality and playability is key to retaining members.”
Chemistry should be used to complement cultural and biological controls, as part of an integrated approach.
Pettican believes the new microdochium control programme is a vital preventative measure.
The preventative treatment package ensures rotation of three different chemical groups and this makes certain that resistance management is maximised. The package includes four different products that are applied in 28-day intervals: Interface with Stressgard Formulation Technology, Dedicate Chipco Green and Interface again at the end.
Pettican says that the preventative approach will save money and time. “Reactive treatments can have huge ramifications. If, for instance, there is a disease outbreak which is accompanied by a lot of rainfall, the application window can be narrow, inhibiting the ability to spray.

Neil Pettican
Neil Pettican

“And if scarring occurs from an outbreak, this can last well into the following season if grass growth and recovery is poor, until grass starts growing again.”
Included in the programme is complete advice and support from the Bayer Turf Solutions Team, who can offer guidance on applications and the employment of cultural and biological controls.
Bayer is an Executive Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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