Titleist’s T-MB is Future of the Game, Says Scott

2015-US-716-T-MB-Gallery-1Singapore: New Titleist 716 T-MB utility irons are precisely engineered using an extreme amount of high density tungsten to deliver an unprecedented combination of high launch, long carry distance and forgiveness in a sleek, muscle back frame.
“T-MB’s are the most playable, most forgiving utility irons in the game. They will change the way players look at this type of club from a driving iron to a true utility club that can be integrated into the long end of a players’ set to improve distance gapping and shot stopping,” said Chris McGinley, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club Marketing.
“T-MB is loaded with technology. That’s what ‘T’ in T-MB represents. Our R&D team has given players more launch, carry distance and forgiveness where they need it most at the long end of the set, all with an incredible, lively feel.”
T-MB features a high-tech muscle back frame with a thin, fast, unsupported face that increases speed and launch for more distance. Extreme high density tungsten weighting inside the body is used to drive the centre of gravity low and deep, allowing for stronger lofts. The result is high launch, low spin and high speed for increased carry distance.
T-MB’s construction allows for maximum use of high density tungsten – an average of 80 grams per head, the most of any Titleist iron – providing a powerful combination of high launch and forgiveness with a playable trajectory.
“T-MB provides the most deceptively shocking performance result versus what you see,” said Dan Stone, Vice President, Titleist Golf Club R&D. “You’re looking down at a muscle back blade, then you hit it and realise how much performance it offers. The ball jumps of the face and launches high but just keeps carrying downrange. Our 712U models have been the most played utility iron on the PGA Tour for more than two years now. The first week we brought this out on Tour, many of our players switched to T-MB immediately.”
T-MB 2-5 irons are now available through custom order.
Adam Scott is among a growing number of players that have put T-MB irons in play since the Tour seeding and validation process began. Scott put a T-MB 2 iron in the play the first week it was available to him at the World Golf Championships event at Firestone.
Scott said: “The way I see the T-MB iron is really the future of the game. Technology is involved in everything. This is going to be revolutionary in iron sets.
“We’ve seen it in hybrids replacing long irons. Now we’re going to see hollow muscle backs with perimeter weighting – tungsten, in this case – replacing muscle back irons, cavity back irons, all the way down through the short irons.
“I think that’s the way forward. It’s going to be about launching it high and controlling the spin, hitting it a long way but a controlled distance, and there are huge benefits to playing golf that way.
“The T-MB’s have a lively feel but it’s very solid. I think that addition of the tungsten in there certainly gives it that solid feel. It’s extremely forgiving and certainly coming from an MB to hitting a T-MB you get that extra forgiveness but it is lively and you certainly know you’ve hit a TMB when you have. It’s an all positive message coming off that club.”
Titleist is part of the Acushnet company, which is a Full Business Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.

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