Global Initiative to Grow the Game Launched

Gold Coast, Australia: Golf Industry Central has launched a Grow The Game Central initiative that aims to create a worldwide community of like-minded people banding together to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to play golf or increase their participation.
Golf Industry Central Director Mike Orloff said he created the website to tackle challenges such as declining participation and the ageing demographic of players and to attract a new generation of golfers.
“Many grow the game initiatives being trialled today have great merit but don’t garner enough financial support to get off the ground,” said Orloff. “Our Grow The Game Central web platform has been designed to connect anyone who is serious about growing the game and making a difference.
“We are at an evolutionary stage in the game’s existence. Now is the time to foster the creativity and entrepreneurship of a strong community network. The strength, motivation and passion of many individuals working together can be very powerful and will eventually impart change.
“We can leave our dependency on growing the game to the governing bodies or we can get involved and personally make a difference.”
Grow The Game Central is targeted at anyone who loves golf, makes a living off the game and wants to grow the popularity of the game.
“It’s time individual golfers, clubs, facilities and commercial entities all take a more active role in promoting and ensuring the on-going health of our sport,” said Orloff. “Grow The Game Central is all about taking a ‘grass roots’, ‘bottom up’ approach to supporting the numerous grow the game initiatives happening  worldwide.
“We are utilising modern approaches such as ‘crowdsourcing’ and ‘crowdfunding’ to help overcome some of the problems and move closer to achieving our vision. A world with too many golfers.”
The project will leverage off Golf Industry Central’s large international network of industry contacts in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and the USA.

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