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U1 43 New Opportunities for Leading Troon Associates - AGIF

New Opportunities for Leading Troon Associates

Arizona, United States: Troon loyalists DJ Flanders, Stephen Havrilla, Patrick Wynn and Karl Whitehead have all accepted new opportunities, expanding their horizons and expertise to deliver exceptional golf experiences at some of the top courses and resorts across the world.

DJ Flanders
DJ Flanders

With a broad knowledge of the golfing landscape, drawing on over half-a-century’s collective experience, the new opportunities will see each devoted associate working closely with their ownership group to implement key strategies in the advancement of Troon’s international division’s exacting standards for service, hospitality and conditioning.
The announcements reiterates the industry-leader’s ability to promote from within, encouraging progression and development in all facets of operations as its associates become leaders in their fields.
Bruce Glasco, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Troon International Operations, said: “I have no doubt that each of the team’s movements will see them flourish in their new respective roles. DJ, Stephen, Patrick and Karl have all the key attributes and commitment to safeguard our industry-leading standards of pristine course conditioning, first-class service, hospitality and best business practices.
“Each of them has been with Troon for a number of years, developing their skill set in each area of golf club management, and their appointments are testament to our commitment to training and to their dedication and application.”
Flanders, a member of the PGA of America, joined Troon in 1999 and has made his mark with over 20 years of experience within the golf industry, having successfully managed properties across the globe. His international footprint is extensive with terms in the United States, Japan and United Arab Emirates.
Meanwhile, Flanders’ most recent placement at Royal Golf Club, Bahrain, saw the club recognised for its unfaltering commitment to excellence under his guidance, at the 2014 Troon Leadership Conference. The venue was acknowledged as ‘Facility of the Year’, following substantial improvements to the club’s overall financial performance as well as scoring highly on member and employee satisfaction surveys.
Flanders also excels in his own right, being acknowledged for his outstanding contributions, with Golf Inc. Magazine naming Flanders as one of the ‘Top 20 Most Admired Operators in Golf’ in 2008.
As Director of Operations, Flanders will be servicing the requirements of the diverse Middle East portfolio managed from the Troon Golf corporate office in Dubai.
Taking on the responsibility of the General Manager position at Royal Golf Club is another Troon stalwart, Havrilla, who also brings with him over 20 years of experience.
A Troon employee since 1999, Havrilla is a PGA Golf Professional, who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management from Colorado State University in the US. Since completing a rewarding Head Professional tenure at Troon’s flagship property, Troon North Golf Club in Arizona, Havrilla has worked in Australia, Fiji, Portugal, UAE, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and most recently as General Manager at Troon’s Indian facility, The Prestige Golf Club Bangalore.
This will be the second time for Havrilla in the Middle East, having worked at The Address Montgomerie, Dubai in 2002. Havrilla and the team at Royal Golf Club will be continuing in their development of the game of golf in Bahrain, whilst also building a reputation for the country as a desirable golfing destination for international tourists and business visitors.
Assuming the position of General Manager at The Prestige Golf Club Bangalore is Wynn. Having started with Troon in 2004, Wynn has already set a career path with 10 years’ experience working in the US, Mexico and most recently at his successful posting in the UAE, at The Address Montgomerie Dubai.
Wynn was promoted to Director of Golf in 2012 and oversaw the growth of the club’s blossoming golf and social offering, following operations successes during his time as the club’s tournament co-ordinator.
Karl Whitehead
Karl Whitehead

Taking over the position of Director of Golf at The Address Montgomerie Dubai is Whitehead, who brings with him a wealth of operations, service and hospitality knowledge.
Since joining the golf industry in 2005, Whitehead most recently held the position as Golf Operations Manager at Saadiyat Beach; Abu Dhabi’s flourishing beachfront golf course.
Glasco said: “The skill and dedication of over 9,000 individuals worldwide is fundamental to our success and testament to the expert knowledge held within the team. Our ability to promote from this collective, progressing our associates at each level of the golfing business each year, is extremely humbling.
“I have personally seen individuals grow, starting with Troon as service attendants and assistant professionals, working through the ranks to become some of the games most renowned operators.”
**Troon Golf is a Charter Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation. For more details, please visitwww.troongolf.com

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