Centaur Asia Pacific Appointed Pan-Asian Distributor for Solu-Cal USA

West Wareham, United States: Centaur Asia Pacific has been named as an official distributor for Solu-Cal enhanced soil amendment products in the Pan Asian commercial turf and golf course maintenance market.
With offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, Centaur Asia Pacific is ideally positioned to promote Solu-Cal’s fast-acting and cost effective product line to professional turf managers.
Solu-Cal USA said it is pleased to expand its presence in the Asian Pacific turf care market in partnership with Centaur and as a member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation.
Centaur Asia Pacific will concentrate on distribution of a targeted portfolio of products from the Solu-Cal family, including Solu-Cal Enhanced Calcitic Lime and Solu-Cal S Dihydrite Gypsum. Specialty products K-Cal 0-0-22 and 0-0-24 blends will also be offered, as well as Micro-Cal Extra Micro Nutrient Paks, with powerful vital nutrients like Calcium, Iron, Sulfur, Magnesium, Manganese and Zinc.
These innovated Solu-Cal products provide turf managers the ability to deliver multi-application benefits in a single one-pass application.
All Solu-Cal products contain PHCA Organic Humic/Fulvic Acid Technology, which enhances a plant’s ability to convert key nutrients into an immediately available form for plant uptake and soil pH adjustment. Solu-Cal products are proven to work 75% faster than traditional lime or gypsum, aiding plants in solubilising newly applied and previously accumulated nutrients, significantly increasing the efficiency of Calcium in the soil.
Solu-Cal is the premier brand in the US for enhanced lime and gypsum products, and the company is experiencing rapid growth in new distributors in international markets.
Solu-Cal products are industry proven with over 15 years of superior results. The product line is also supported by university testing at Rutgers University, Penn State University and University of Rhode Island.
Centaur Asia Pacific is a reputable equipment, agricultural products and accessories company for golf courses throughout the Asia Pacific region. Since establishment, Centaur Asia Pacific have been associated with high profile international names such as Jacobsen, SubAir Systems, SandMat, TurfBreeze, Profile Porous Ceramics, Spectrum Tools, Simplot, and a variety of other high-quality and world renowned products.

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