Profile Porous Ceramic Greens Grade Boosts Sand-Based Root Zones

Illinois, United States: Profile Porous Ceramic (PPC) Greens Grade soil amendment from Profile Products is designed to permanently improve sand-based root zones.
GreensGrade-Bag-300 LRThe Greens Grade particle is ideal for sand-based course construction and is available in two distinct colours: Natural (for use in construction) and Emerald (to top-dress and disguise worn areas in turf).
Greens Grade is an inorganic soil amendment that has been proven on thousands of greens across the United States to resist compaction, eliminate localised dry spot, promote drainage and facilitate healthy root systems that leave turf less prone to disease and other maintenance problems.
A kiln-fired porous ceramic from a unique mineral deposit in Mississippi, Greens Grade replaces peat in any sand-based root zone.
Greens Grade meets the specifications outlined in the USGA’s Recommendations for a Method of Putting Green Construction and has been tested at major universities across the US.
A Greens Grade particle is 74 per cent pore space with 39 per cent capillary (water) pores and 35 per cent non-capillary (air) pores. Blended with sand in a greens mix, Profile Porous Ceramics improve water and nutrient-holding capabilities, increase oxygen levels at the root zone and facilitate drainage when soils are saturated. The particles also hold water and release it as needed to the plant, delaying the need for irrigation.
ProPlus Aqua-pHix is another amendment from Profile Products specifically designed to help correct the problems commonly found on golf courses with hard water and soils with high alkaline levels. Aqua-pHix consists of a proprietary blend of chelated, buffered acid.
It quickly decreases the pH of soils to improve plant growth and reduce unwanted salts and bicarbonates in the soil. Additionally, Aqua-pHix makes nutrients more readily available for plant uptake and minimises leaching or fertiliser run-off into surrounding bodies of water, including the groundwater.
Aqua-pHix is available in granular, spray and fertigation formulas and is proven to be more effective than any sprayable acidifier on the market. Unlike sulfuric acid, Aqua-pHix is safe to the touch and non-corrosive to spray and irrigation equipment.
**Profile Products is a Charter Member of the Asian Golf Industry Federation. For further information about Profile’s full line-up of golf course amendments, please visit

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