AGIF 2nd Annual General Meeting cum Elections

The 2nd Annual General Meeting cum Elections to the Board of Committee Members has been confirmed to be held as follows:-

Day / Date : Friday 21 October 2011
Time : 2.30 pm
Venue : Meeting Room #4 (second mezzanine level)
Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Centre
Guangzhou, China

Notice of meeting and the various prescribed forms have been emailed to all AGIF members.
All members are reminded of the following important points:-

  • Registrations for the meeting will commence at 2.15 pm – please be punctual.
  • The member is allowed to send 1 corporate representative – who is the current corporate nominee as per the AGIF membership roll – to represent it at the meeting.
  • For the purpose of this meeting only, in event the corporate nominee is not able to attend, the member can nominate another representative who is 21 years old and above to represent it at the meeting. The name of the representative should be submitted to the Secretariat no later than Thursday 13 October 2011.
  • Only corporate nominees and / or their designated representatives or proxies are allowed admission to the meeting.
  • Only Charter and Ordinary members have voting rights. Each member is allowed one vote.
  • In event voting is required, voting by proxy for members who are not physically present will be allowed. The proxy, name clearly indicated on the prescribed Proxy Form, must be a Board of Committee Member.
  • The positions opened for nominations and elections to the Board of Committee Members are those of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 4 to 8 Committee Members. All nominations must be completed on prescribed Nomination Forms and received by the Secretariat no later than Tuesday 11 October 2011.
  • Any member desiring to submit at the AGM a motion shall give notice of such motion in writing to the Secretary within 10 days from 26 September 2011. Your motion(s) must be received by the Secretariat no later than Thursday 6 October 2011. Acknowledgement of receipt will be sent for motion(s) received within 2 working days; otherwise the motion(s) is / are deemed not received and hence will not be tabled at the AGM.
  • It will be greatly appreciated members whose accounts are overdue can arrange to settle their accounts soonest. This is to avoid any technicalities and / or complications which may arise questioning the validity of your membership at the meeting.

We look forward to seeing you all at the Annual General Meeting!

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